HP Slate21 Pro Android AIO hands-on

It seems that Android is slowly entering into a new device category. Over here at CES 2014, we're seeing quite a number of all-in-one computers running the mobile operating system, and HP's Slate21 Pro is just one of the latest that we're getting our hands on to try out.

Cisco DX650 melds Android with your office phone

There is no doubt that Android is almost everywhere, powering a wide variety of smart devices ranging from the usual suspects of smartphones and tablets to the more multimedia-centric boxes and TVs. Android has even appeared in some traditional landline situations, as an add-on tablet, a dedicated cordless home phone, or, in this case, a fixed display for an office phone. Make no mistake, though, as Cisco's DX650 phone is all about business and very little about entertainment.

DroidBooster Android accelerator app acquired by Google

Google may have brought some smoothness to Android with Project Butter, however a new acquisition has it looking like they are still looking to make some further improvements. According to reports coming from the French-language L'Expansion, Google has acquired the DroidBooster app from FlexyCore. Details point towards this being a €16.9 million ($23.1 million) acquisition.
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