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Possible Android SMS Bug Fix v. Wipe and Block

You'll remember the epic story of the SMS Bug going around for months now, gaining large attention over the past few days - see both [UPDATE] Android SMS Bug Now Has "Critical" Priority and [Rally with Us] to Fix The Android SMS Bug posts for full details. Seems now the bug's been parred down to a separate issue with receiving emails-to-SMS from Bank of America, SMS alerts sent by Linkedin, and SMS alerts sent by T-Mobile. Each of these appear to corrupt Android's SQLite database, making things go wild. All of this is detailed in a separate Issue in the Google Code reporting site, #1233.

[Rally With Us] to Fix the Android SMS Bug

As you may know from our post this morning, there's a bug in the greater Android system that messes with your texting. What does it mess with? The recipient. Any text you've sent on your Android phone over the past six months could potentially have been sent to the wrong recipient. And not only the wrong recipient in your contacts list - apparently texts are being sent to completely random people while your phone is telling you they were sent to the correct recipient! Harsh! We find this completely unacceptable, and since Google already knows about the problem, we ask you now to rally with us to get the problem to the top of their to-do lists.

Samsung Behold II OTA’s Are Rolling Out

The lack of support from everyone involved with this phone has been the focal point of many people losing faith in Samsung. It’ll probable never see Android 2.0+ even though there is a petition going around to make this happen. Regardless, we are hearing word that the OTA to 1.6 has started to arrive on a few Behold ll’s. Android 1.6 offers a whole world of possibilities for the Behold ll. along with this update to 1.6, Samsung is including Google Voice, Google Maps with navigation as well as the Swype keyboard. There are other various bug fixes thrown in also. Even with these extra goodies being tossed in, I still don’t see many users being happy about this whole situation. [via tmonews]

Gesture Search Now Available For 1.6

Google announced today that it has added support for all Android devices running 1.6 or higher. Initially, this was only available to phones that has 2.0 and up leaving only two Android’s capable of using this new feature.
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