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Google claims volume fix will be pushed within the week

In case you haven't heard, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has had a few volume bugs; very unfortunate for such an anticipated device. On the bright side, updates for the Galaxy Nexus come straight from the team at Google. They've always been punctual at releasing proper fixes soon after an obvious issue arises. It turns out that Google themselves now claim that "We're currently rolling out a fix for the volume issue which will reach everyone in the coming week".

Galaxy Nexus volume bug fixed, shipping again in the UK

The first major technical problem to arise from the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich appears to have been solved. After reportedly halting sales of the high-profile phone, Samsung has applied a software patch to stop the muted or fluctuating volume issue that plagued the Galaxy Nexus in areas of low GSM signal. UK retailer Clove reports that their new units already have the update installed. Shipments have resumed, so UK Android fans can once again buy the phone at their leisure.

Motorola DROID Receives Security Fix

The original Motorola DROID is finally getting some attention with a quick security fix update. No, this isn't the official update to 2.3 (Gingerbread) that we had hoped for, but it's an update none the less. These two security updates will only be available to those OG DROID users out there with a completely stock ROM, kernel, and recovery.

Galaxy Nexus owners reporting volume issues

Into every life a little rain must fall. For European Galaxy Nexus owners, who are currently the envy of most of the Android world, that rain is coming in the form of some frustrating volume issues. Apparently some HSPA+ phones are randomly switching between volume and sound states, much to the consternation of users. According to a quick poll, about half of users are experiencing the issue, though our own UK editor has not.

ASUS updating Transformer to fix keyboard dock issues

Until today we have not heard anything regarding keyboard dock problems and issues on the ASUS EeePad Transformer Tablet. It seems that certain models are in fact experiences some problems and docking has been difficult for some users. Our hands-on had no issues. According to the ASUS UK Facebook page they are rolling out the fix now.

Android SMS Bug Reply from Google

Oh my goodness. As you might already know, we've been keeping our eyes on the developing story surrounding the SMS bug that's been bugging people for several months now. It's been coming to a bit of a head very recently, as evidenced in this Rally post, this Critical update, and this possibly fix. Now there's an official response from Google on the issue. It contains such epic passages as "two distinct situations" and of course, everyone's favorite: "we have fixes for both of them."
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