Maylong M-260 Budget Android Tab clears the FCC

How exciting, we have another amazingly fast and awesome tablet for you all today. Actually it's quite the opposite because this is the Maylong M-260 "budget" Android tablet and it has just cleared the FCC. You may not be familiar with Maylong but they are the producers behind more than a few cheap Android tablets in the past.

Mvelopes envelope budgeting software comes to Android

If you are the sort that lives within your means, you likely have a budget. You may find yourself looking at things in the store you want to buy and wonder if it will fit your budget at the moment. An interesting budgeting software company called Mvelopes has just announced a new Android app that puts the full budgeting tools at your fingertips to be sure you stay within your budget.

Mint Coming to Android

Are you looking for a good budgeting and expense tracking app? Mint may be the solution to your problems. They are currently working on bringing this app to Android. Between Mint’s web-based service and their iPhone app, they provide great service to over 2 million users.

Chinavision Robot budget Android phone gets reviewed

Looking for Android on a budget?  Lured in by the subsidized prices for today's Android smartphones, but reluctant to sign up to a new, two-year agreement?  Chinavision's Robot promises the scratch that itch for you: at $179.10 it's about the same cost as a regular Android phone, but you're getting it SIM-free. Over at The Red Ferret Journal they've reviewed the Robot, and as you might expect there are some compromises to hit that price-tag.  For a start there's no 3G - it's GSM/EDGE only - and the OS is Android 1.5; the 2.8-inch touchscreen is resistive and runs at 320 x 240 resolution.  Meanwhile the CPU is just 400MHz and the camera only 2-megapixels.  The end result is a phone that isn't exactly swift, but otherwise the review seems surprisingly positive. In fact, the Robot feels well put together (even if the style is borrowed a little from the BlackBerry Storm) and the lack of 3G means you get around three days use out of a full charge.  Considering something like the HTC Tattoo still runs to £179.99 ($270), the Chinavision Robot might not be such a bad deal.

Firstview HK Electronic Limited presents its SmartBook

Firstview HK Electronic Limited has presented a SmartBook that only cost $65 to make. It's called the Nike PC706V, it will has a 7-inch screen (800 × 480), a VIA 8505 ARM 9 clocked at 533Mhz with 128 MB of RAM, a 2GB capacity, WiFi, a USB drive and a 2100 mAh battery that should last 4 hours. It has Android 1.6 installed but this could potentially be upgraded to Android 2.1.
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