Samsung Galaxy M announced, brings AMOLED to the budget crowd

Samsung has just announced another Super AMOLED packing Android smartphone, the Galaxy M Style. Following their announcement for the new Galaxy Ace, and with the Galaxy M Style they are promising it will be "reasonably priced" while still packing a 4" Super AMOLED display and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. More details and pictures after the break.

LG Optimus 2 spotted on LG website

The extremely popular and budget friendly LG Optimus made it to almost every carrier I can think of in some way, shape or form and was hugely popular. We are now seeing pictured and details of the Optimus 2 from LG right on their official site. Who is ready for another awesome budget device to take over the low-range market?

Huawei Ascend II available now from US Cellular for Free

Earlier this week we mentioned the Huawei Ascend II was headed to US Cellular and that it was being listed up on their site as coming soon. Today the regional carrier hasn't announced it officially as being available yet but they've given the mid-range phone the green light. The Ascend II can now be yours completely free over on US Cellular.

Huawei Ascend II headed to US Cellular this week for those on a budget

Huawei might still not be a household name but they have decent hardware and are getting better with each release. The hugely popular original Ascend was available on Cricket Wireless and recently they launched the Ascend II with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 3.5" display. This same awesome budget device is headed to US Cellular for those looking for an alternative to those other carriers in the mid-west.

HTC shows off Explorer with new video

We've barely gotten a glimpse at HTC's budget-conscious Explorer, but the manufacturer seems keen on giving us a few more. They posted a new preview video on their YouTube channel yesterday, utilizing the "quietly brilliant" branding they've been employing for quite some time. The breezy video shows off the value smartphone's assets, and will probably be appearing on American commercial blocks sometime soon. The Explorer isn't going to end up at the top of any superphone lists any time soon, but then it isn't meant to. Sharing a lot of physical traits with the HTC Wildfire S and other budget phones, this little guy features a 3.2-inch screen with a diminutive 320 x 480 resolution and a depth of half an inch. The CPU is clocked at 600MHz, and even the 3 megapixel camera could fill up the 512 MB of internal memory quickly. Check out the official ad below: [youtube Q_adFhohQ94] What HTC's target customers are likely to care about is the software/interface, and on that front, the Explorer delivers. As shown in the video, the phone has the latest version of HTC Sense, 3.5, with all the spiffy widgets and animations that come with it. Underneath it's thankfully running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. For a more complete rundown of the specifications, check HTC's product page. HTC hasn't offered any availability or carrier info on the Explorer yet, though its 3G wireless bands match up with AT&T. Stay tuned.

Maylong M-260 Budget Android Tab clears the FCC

How exciting, we have another amazingly fast and awesome tablet for you all today. Actually it's quite the opposite because this is the Maylong M-260 "budget" Android tablet and it has just cleared the FCC. You may not be familiar with Maylong but they are the producers behind more than a few cheap Android tablets in the past.

Mvelopes envelope budgeting software comes to Android

If you are the sort that lives within your means, you likely have a budget. You may find yourself looking at things in the store you want to buy and wonder if it will fit your budget at the moment. An interesting budgeting software company called Mvelopes has just announced a new Android app that puts the full budgeting tools at your fingertips to be sure you stay within your budget.
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