BOLT Browser leaves beta, v3.0 now available in Android Market

Today the popular browser for Android called BOLT Browser has finally left the private beta and is ready to be bolted into the wild. Just as the name suggests "Bolt" browser is being touted as one of the fastest around and very speedy. Being improved to version 3.0 and finally available for users in the Android Market you can give it a try right now.

Google begins work on Chrome browser for Android

We know that Android's native browser app and Google's Chrome desktop browser have been slated to merge for some time now, and it appears that some concrete efforts are being made in that direction. A version of Chrome that runs on Android is in the extreme early stages of development at Google, with the updated user interface already completed. With Android's tablet push in full swing, a more capable native browser app could be a major boon for the platform.

Firefox for Android Tablets Unveiled

One of the most popular browsers by Mozilla is coming to Android Tablets. We already have Firefox for Android but it currently only officially supports phones. Today on the Mozilla blog they've announced what I've heard a few times being called "fennecomb". This is Firefox for Android honeycomb tablets folks.

Amazon ignores Android with new Kindle Cloud Reader web-app

Amazon has launched a new web-based Kindle app,, using HTML5 to offer the ereading experience within the browser. However, while the app appears to be a workaround to avoid Apple's limitations on native iOS apps containing links to external stores, it seems Amazon is also leaving Android out in the cold. Attempt to access the Kindle Cloud Reader on an Android Honeycomb tablet, and you'll get the message "Your web browser isn't supported yet" and the advice to download Chrome or Safari (the desktop versions) instead. We tried in both the native Honeycomb browser and third-party alternative Opera, with no luck in either. It's a shame, since the web app is surprisingly well put together. As well as offering access to the cloud store of previously purchased titles, which can be locally downloaded to an iPad for offline reading, it has seamless integration with Amazon's Kindle store for buying new titles. The decision not to get the app up to speed with Android is somewhat curious, since Amazon is believed to have a pair of Android-based tablets of its own in the works. The company's native Android app still supports the Kindle store - Google, unlike Apple, doesn't limit links to places people can buy content - however.

Firefox 6 Beta Now in Android Market

Mozilla has recently updated their version of the mobile browser to Firefox 6 BETA and it is currently available in the Android Market. Just like any browser update they mention it is faster, smoother, and more stable than previous releases. Those are always welcomed additions that is for sure. Among some of the changes are enhancements for large screen devices and tablets with adjustments to layout and buttons, and a visual refresh with a new Gingerbread theme for phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Maxton Mobile browser hits v2.2 for Android

It was only last month that I talked about the Maxthon Mobile browser getting an update to support some 3D skins and more. The company has already debuted another new update to the browser that brings it to version 2.2. The new version has a major new feature with add-ons that allow you to do some cool things with the browser. The current add-ons include ones for screen shots, bookmark backup, and task killer utilities.

Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 clears beta, now offered ad-free

The popular 3rd party browser for android Dolphin HD has just updated today to version 5.0 after being in beta for a while. Along with the updated version comes some great new changes and improvements. One important note is the main app no longer has ads integrated. Before users needed an add-on that removed ads or had to pay for Dolphin. Version 5.0 is now ad-free.

Firefox Adds Beta Channel to Android App with 5.0

Mozilla recently released the beta version of Firefox 5.0, and with it they've added the option to install a beta channel of the Android app to the Android Market. The beta channel will be used to debug new features to come at the price of a potentially buggier version of the mobile version of Firefox. This first beta version, now that Firefox 4.0 is officially a stable release on Android, introduces several of the new features also introduced in the 5.0 beta for desktop.

Google April fools jokes still going? Type Tilt in your mobile browser

So of all people and blogs, Google is known to love and enjoy April Fools Day. They had all sorts of weird stories up this year. If you happened to catch any of them, this year they were good. From the kinect-like Gmail Motion thing, to entering the font "comic sans" in your browser search bar and everything came back in comic sans font. Today it looks like someone at Google is still having fun.

Firefox 4.0 for Android Download Available Now

Behold the newest version of Firefox for Android, Firefox 4, or 4.0 if you prefer, a browser that Mozilla is saying is clocking in at three times the speed of Android's stock browser. They say there's JavaScript engine tweaks (this is what'd make it much faster,) tabbed browsing (I hope so!), Firefox Sync, and yes, add ons! They've added an official walkthrough video of the new features and we've got it for you here below - descend upon it while you download the massive 13MB file from the Android Market! Included in this new release is Firefox Sync, a sister that pulls all your desktop bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, form data, and passwords to your mobile version, back to your desktop version, and back and forth again forever into infinity! This means you'll only have to log into YouTube or Facebook in one place and you'll be good to go anywhere you go! We're happy there's some HTML5 support in the mix, but sad to see a lack of Flash support. Surely this will be cooked up soon. [youtube 5hm_7JOU6Jw] Oddly enough, this new version is also being offered up for Maemo, a Nokia software platform also made for mobile devices. Check out the big list of new items here in this official release, take a peek at that video, then check your download because if it's not done by now, you're not on a fast enough network - truth! [gallery]
What’s New in Firefox for Android and Maemo: Streamlined Interface Focus on Web content: Features like tabs, one-touch bookmarking and browser controls that stow away when not in use help users focus on the websites they visit Browse More, Type Less Awesome Screen: Type less with easy access to history, bookmarks and open tabs Save to PDF: Capture important websites, like directions or a boarding pass, to view offline Share Page: Share websites via apps like email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and more Add Search Engine: Customize your search engine list. Private and Secure Synchronization Firefox Sync: Access Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across multiple computers and mobile devices with secure end-to-end encryption Most Customizable: Firefox offers thousands of ways for users to customize the features, functionality and look of their mobile Web browser with Firefox Add-ons Cutting Edge Tools for Web Developers: Firefox improves existing tools like CSS, Canvas and SVG to enable developers to make exciting Web pages HTML5 support in Firefox for Android and Maemo includes Location-Aware Browsing, device orientation, accelerometer, desktop notifications and more. The JavaScript engine incorporates the new JägerMonkey JIT compiler, along with enhancements to the existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey’s interpreter for faster page-load speed and better performance of Web apps and games
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