Android Master Key exploit “could affect” 900 million devices

Bluebox Security has recently gone public with an exploit that is said to be able to affect up to 900 million Android phones. And if that number doesn't sound scary enough for Android users, putting it another way and you are looking at 99 percent of all Android phones that are in the wild. This exploit is referred to as 'Master Key' and it has apparently been around since Android 1.6 Donut -- around 4 years now.

Android may not play a role in malware botnet after all

There has been a lot of talk this week about Android possibly being the source of a bunch of spam thanks to an Android malware botnet. The finger was pointed at Android by both Sophos and Microsoft earlier in the week after e-mail header information pointed a finger at Google's Android operating system. However, both Sophos and Microsoft have said that Android being involved in the botnet isn't confirmed.