Bose adds Bluetooth, WiFi to SoundTouch, brings new SoundTouch 10

You would think that wireless speakers will automatically have WiFi and Bluetooth, but two years ago, when Bose released its SoundTouch system, they didn’t think of doing so. But now, particularly with the increasing popularity of music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, etc, it’s not just a bonus to have connectivity, but it’s a must. So now for the third-generation SoundTouch system, including the compact SoundTouch 10, they are finally already Bluetooth-enabled.

Get 15 hours of non-stop music listening with Bose Soundlink II

While wireless headphones and earbuds have brought comfort and convenience for us who dislike wires and being literally tethered to our smartphones, it also brought the problem of battery life. A lot of them have short ones, and so we are either left without our music for long trips or we’d have to go back to the battery-less normal wired earphones. Bose is now introducing a new generation of its Soundlink around-ear wireless headphones that is promising to give you 15 hours of non-stop listening experience.

Bose’s new SoundLink Mini Speaker 2 adds speakerphone, better battery

When you create a new generation of an already impressive product, you better make sure that you're significantly improving on it. Otherwise, it may look like you're just fleecing the people for more money for what is basically the same product, with just a fancier name. If you were a fan of Bose's SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker, then you'd be excited to know that the next-gen version of this portable device, called the SoundLink Mini Speaker 2, seems like a way better version of the original.

Bose SoundTrue and SoundSport in-ear headphones debut

Bose has announced some new in-ear headphones with versions specifically made for Android devices. The headphones include the SoundTrue and SoundSport models. Bose uses TriPort tech in the headphones for balanced sound with deeper bass than normal ear buds can deliver.

Bose unveils ‘colorful’ Bluetooth speakers, on-ear headset

Bose, known worldwide as very competent audio device manufacturers, have been on a roll in terms of launching products lately. This time they took the wraps off the Soundlink Color speakers which seems to be their most affordable Bluetooth speaker yet. They are launching that together with the Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth headphones, their first try at on-ear Bluetooth headsets.

Bose SoundLink III Bluetooth speaker announced

Bose has announced the latest in the SoundLink product lineup. This new entry is the SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III, which is touted as being Bose's "best-performing Bluetooth speaker yet." This claim comes as a result of improvements to the audio performance as well as an updated design and improved battery life.