• HTC working on unlocked bootloader for Sensation 4G

    The uproar from mobile users of HTC Android devices when the company turned away from the unlocked bootloader policy that other companies were implementing was swiftly and furious. The furor resulted in HTC changing its policies

    June 8, 2011 • Views: 42

  • Atrix Devs Get Major Victory with 2nd-init Beta

    The Motorola Atrix, the first dual-core phone to hit America, had a bootloader as locked down as they come. Developers have been hard at work for months now trying to find some way to get unleash the full power of the dual-core

    June 6, 2011 • Views: 29

  • HTCdev and OpenSense SDK get official: Coming Summer 2011

    HTC has officially launched HTCdev, it's mobile developer support program with the accompanying OpenSense SDK that it revealed at Uplinq 2011, this week allowing developers to get up close and code-personal with HTC Sense on the

    June 3, 2011 • Views: 42

  • Android Community Weekly : May 28, 2011

    Welcome back to Android Community Weekly! Early this past Monday, details of the HTC Holiday headed for AT&T emerged. Much like the EVO 3D, it is said to sport a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor as well as a qHD display (and just

    May 28, 2011 • Views: 19

  • Android Community 101: Bootloaders

    Bootloaders. They're quite the touchy subject for many of us geekier android lovers. Naturally they've been a hot topic in the news lately, with HTC deciding to lock down phones only to reverse the decision. This is hardly an

    May 27, 2011 • Views: 83

  • Sony Ericsson Talking Bootloader Unlocking Too

    SO we're talking about unlocking bootloaders lately, and it appears the Sony Ericsson is up for review next. Last night we were tipped off by HTC that they would, indeed be unlocking bootloaders on all future devices. What Sony

    May 27, 2011 • Views: 33

  • Breaking: HTC to unlock all bootloaders [UPDATE: Only on Future Devices]

    Breaking just now it seems all the talk and discussion on Facebook and Twitter over the last few days has finally made HTC listen. People all across twitter, myself included retweeted tons of comments regarding HTC and their new

    May 26, 2011 • Views: 120

  • HTC “reviewing” locked bootloader policy after Android feedback

    HTC has confirmed that it is "reviewing the issue and our policy around bootloaders" in a move that may see the company backtrack on its locked-down Android smartphones. According to the HTC Facebook page, user satisfaction "is a

    May 25, 2011 • Views: 91

  • Confirmed: HTC Sensation dump shows signed bootloader

    One of the best things about the Android operating system is the hackable and open nature of the OS. You can unlock mod, change and do pretty much what you want. Comparatively, the iPhone is locked down with a constant fight

    May 13, 2011 • Views: 71

  • Motorola Changing policy on locked bootloaders?

    We have some possibly great news here, but I wouldn't get to excited just yet. According to some very new information it looks like Motorola will be changing their policy on locked bootloaders and will offer a solution for both

    April 27, 2011 • Views: 51