Read It Later is now Pocket: we go hands-on

If you're a hardcore web user, odds are pretty good that you've got some way of managing your content so that articles, images and videos that are interesting, but not pressing, are saved for later. Android has a lot of options for this, but one of the most popular has been Read It Later, a bookmarking and sharing service that's gained millions of users over the last few years. Today Read It Later becomes Pocket, and with the branding identity change comes a brand new (and free!) app for Android. We took a look around the new Pocket to see how it stacked up to Read It Later.

Dolphin Browser and team up for cloud sharing

As previously indicated, Dolphin Browser HD is awesome. And with extended storage deals for LG, Sony and HP devices, cloud storage provider is making quite a name for itself among mobile users. Today the two meet in Box for Dolphin, an easy way to share links between your Android phone or tablet and other devices using your account.