Buy a Motorola Xoom Wifi and get a Bluetooth Keyboard Free

I know many of you are probably holding out for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or possibly even something better later in the year, but if you are still waiting and plan to pick up the Motorola Xoom now would be a good time to do so. Motorola is offering a bluetooth keyboard free with the purchase of the Motorola Xoom Wifi on their online store now until June 20th. The Bluetooth keyboard is a $69.99 value and will ship with the same free 2-day shipping as the Xoom.

Sony S1 tablets hit FCC

Sony's S1 Honeycomb tablet has crossed the FCC, following its clamshell cousin the Sony S2. Four versions of the S1 are listed, the  SGPT111US/S, SGPT112US/S, SGPT111CA/S and SGPT112CA/S, with Sony suggesting that the only differences are for "marketing purposes." We're guessing that's two models for the US and two for Canada, perhaps with different amounts of memory inside. All four get WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR but, unlike with the S2, there's no 3G/4G connectivity. We spoke too soon: the S1 has a separately listed 3G module, the same HSPA+ capable Ericsson chipset as the S2. Sony has previously said that the S1 and S2 will go on sale sometime this fall, perhaps with a change of name before that happens. The tablets run Android, but other hardware has been left undetermined; however, Sony has confirmed that the S1 will function as a universal remote control, using a built-in IR emitter to tame your A/V setup. [via SlashGear]

Looxcie 2 Launches as Smaller, Lighter Relative with Same Android App Support

Back in the day, and by back in the day I mean a couple of months ago, your main homie Chris Burns, aka your humble narrator, got to take a look at the Looxcie Bluetooth Headset, taking the time then to do a full review of this device for the greater good of all odd devices that work with Android. In this case, it's a camera that attaches to your head by the ear and works via apps working from your Android handset. That was then, this is now! Looxcie 2 is a device that's both lighter and smaller than the original AND it uses the same set of Android software - no new software needed!

HTC Flyer WiFi Review

A lovely white plastic and silver metal chassis, a smooth 7-inch 1024 x 700 pixel resolution capacitive touchscreen capable of working with special Scribe pen surrounded by a generous black border, cameras on both front and back, HTC's newest version of Sense UI, a 1.5 GHz single-core processor, capable of accepting microSD card, working with Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA streaming, Wifi 802.11 b.g.n, micro-USB (of the 12-pin micro-USB 2.0 variety,) and GPS. This is the HTC Flyer tablet as carried by Best Buy in the USA, containing 16GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, and a partridge in a pear tree. See our full review and get your hands on the giant handset - or one tiny tablet, whichever you prefer, of course!

SuperTooth HD Hands-On and Unboxing

Whilst unboxing this lovely device, the word "Super" made my hands chop through the cardboard UPS box so fast I didn't get the chance to film it, but trust me, it was epic. Luckily I did have my camera at attention when the plastic box was unveiled, trustily we've got an unboxing of the bits you'll be getting your hands on. What this device consists of is a handheld speaker with a few simple controls, magnets at its back so that it can connect to your clamp for your car, miniUSB cord, car charger, and a quick-start guide. SuperTooth HD in the house - Bluetooth communication with our phones for simple voice commands and audio output ho!

Logitech launches Keyboard and Mouse for Honeycomb Tablets

Logitech has recently outed a few new accessories coming to their long list of well made keyboards and mice. They now have a pre-order page live for all those that need the convenience and ease of use of having a bluetooth keyboard and or mouse for their Android Tablet. We all know Logitech makes some of the best stuff so I have no doubts on build quality. With media and volume controls and all, I sure want the keyboard for my Xoom.

Sprint Kyocera Echo Startup Sequence [EXCLUSIVE]

Whilst having another look at the Kyocera Echo at the Kyocera booth during CTIA 2011, we happened upon a unit that was switched off. Deciding to check to see if anything magical would happen if we switched the device on while filming, we hit the on button with our camera rolling. As it happens, it does indeed have a unique startup sequence, and now in this video you're going to get to see it! Apologies in advance for the undeniably horribly terribly screen full of fingermarks! Take it as a sign that a lot of people are pumped up about this phone.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 Revealed

We're here at CTIA 2011 up close and personal with the brand new Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9, an 8.9-inch Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet weighting in at the unbelievably light weight of 470 grams. This device is set to come in a variety of sizes, 16, 32, 64GB, and will be coming in both a Wifi-only version as well as a 4G HSPA+ version, the Wifi version set to be released this summer. This device as well at its 10.1" relative releasing with Android 3.0 Honeycomb upgradable to a lovely TouchWiz user interface by Samsung that'll be a completely optimized for the tablet environment. And it's pretty, oh so pretty.

Sony WalkMan Phones return

Last summer, we talked about Sony's plans to bring the Sony Walkman brand back to phones to create a media class smartphone. Back then, we were talking about a small 2.6" TFT display with a paltry 5.1 MP camera and 600 Mhz processor. There was also talk of a tablet which has of yet to appear. It may be better late than never, but we've now got word that Sony-Ericsson is gearing up marketing in preparation for a 2011 WalkMan mobile launch. And here's the poster to prove it ....

BeeWi Android Controlled Mini Cooper RC Car Busts Out

Having been kids ourselves at one time or another, we can definitely get more than one kick out of radio controlled cars. What BeeWi has done here is take a radio controlled car and upgrade it to the point where it's not only controlled via Bluetooth, it's controlled via Bluetooth with an Android app! Roll on through the city with your lovely black and white Mini Cooper toy car with only the waving of your phone if you wish, using your orientation sensor to steer.