Samsung GT-I9250 Nexus Prime sees Bluetooth certification

We've got a massive amount of news and rumors surrounding the upcoming Google hero phone made by Samsung, the following bit of content falling in the first category. What we've got here is a Bluetooth certification for device GT-I9250, one thus far tied only to the name Nexus Prime. Samsung has quite the firestorm started here around what we're expecting will be the hero device for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, each news bit adding to what must soon be a legendary device indeed.

Jawbone JAMBOX 2.1 Software Update now available

Today Jawbone has released an update to the popular Bluetooth speaker system called the JAMBOX. Reviewed extensively over at our sister site SlashGear the JAMBOX brings great audio fidelity to your mobile devices, including Android. Connecting via Bluetooth this makes your Android enabled smartphone a full out audio experience and they've now updated the JAMBOX to version 2.1 bringing a few changes and sound improvements.

Sony In-Dash Car Stereo syncs to Pandora, Comes with Android Support

After years of waiting it appears Sony will finally be launching a full line of in-dash car audio receivers that will sync with all of our favorite Android devices. Sony and Pandora Radio have partnered up to bring car stereos with Pandora Internet Radio support to Android, iOS, and even those Blackberry phones. While playing music from our favorite devices might be nothing new to in-car stereo's doing it all wireless and with Pandora is -- sort of.

Logitech Offering Two New Bluetooth Android Tablet Keyboards

Logitech has two brand new bluetooth keyboards for your Android tablet on the way. The first tablet is simply a Bluetooth keyboard with accompanying stand which will work with any Android tablet with a Bluetooth radio built in. The second is a hybrid keyboard/case specifically for Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1.

ZAGG Keys SOLO Portable Keyboard for Android Available for Pre-Order

Today the popular invisible shield and screen protector maker ZAGG that I'm sure most of you have used in the past have just released their new portable keyboard for Android devices. This new keyboard will support a very wide array of mobile devices including those iDevice things but we won't mention those here. Originally listed as a tablet and iPad keyboard it also supports the HTC Flyer, HTC Sensation, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy S and many more of our Android friends.

BlueDrone RC Nissan GTR is controlled by an Android app

I see many projects come across KickStarter and I will admit that most of them are rather boring items. I ran across one today that is really cool though. It reminds me of the AR.Drone only this thing is called the BlueDrone and it is a RC car not helicopter. Considering I like the GTR, RC stuff, and Android apps this is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time.

SuperTooth HD Review

While this device was certainly the coolest and most iconic looking non-phone device at this year's CTIA Pepcom in Orlando Florida, we had some rather large reservations about putting such an oddity in our vehicle when connecting a handset to our stereo via a headphone wire would do. Boy were we wrong. Not wrong about it replacing our in-car stereo, but wrong about the idea that this device is more than what it appears. Behold a gateway into the future, this is where in-car device relay is going, ladies and gentlemen, SuperTooth HD ho!

Buy a Motorola Xoom Wifi and get a Bluetooth Keyboard Free

I know many of you are probably holding out for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or possibly even something better later in the year, but if you are still waiting and plan to pick up the Motorola Xoom now would be a good time to do so. Motorola is offering a bluetooth keyboard free with the purchase of the Motorola Xoom Wifi on their online store now until June 20th. The Bluetooth keyboard is a $69.99 value and will ship with the same free 2-day shipping as the Xoom.

Sony S1 tablets hit FCC

Sony's S1 Honeycomb tablet has crossed the FCC, following its clamshell cousin the Sony S2. Four versions of the S1 are listed, the  SGPT111US/S, SGPT112US/S, SGPT111CA/S and SGPT112CA/S, with Sony suggesting that the only differences are for "marketing purposes." We're guessing that's two models for the US and two for Canada, perhaps with different amounts of memory inside. All four get WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR but, unlike with the S2, there's no 3G/4G connectivity. We spoke too soon: the S1 has a separately listed 3G module, the same HSPA+ capable Ericsson chipset as the S2. Sony has previously said that the S1 and S2 will go on sale sometime this fall, perhaps with a change of name before that happens. The tablets run Android, but other hardware has been left undetermined; however, Sony has confirmed that the S1 will function as a universal remote control, using a built-in IR emitter to tame your A/V setup. [via SlashGear]

Looxcie 2 Launches as Smaller, Lighter Relative with Same Android App Support

Back in the day, and by back in the day I mean a couple of months ago, your main homie Chris Burns, aka your humble narrator, got to take a look at the Looxcie Bluetooth Headset, taking the time then to do a full review of this device for the greater good of all odd devices that work with Android. In this case, it's a camera that attaches to your head by the ear and works via apps working from your Android handset. That was then, this is now! Looxcie 2 is a device that's both lighter and smaller than the original AND it uses the same set of Android software - no new software needed!