GEAK Watch wants to be the first true Android ‘smartwatch’

While wearable technology and computing is really starting to take off, I've found myself struggling with the idea behind a smartwatch. I've admitted I'm not a fan in the past, but this new watch from a Shanghai-based company called the GEAK Watch has my attention. Why you ask? Because it claims to do so much more than most of those other so called "smartwatches" we've seen in the past.

Verizon HTC One spotted in Bluetooth SIG filing

The talk of a Verizon branded HTC One continues. While that by itself does not sound all that exciting, this latest mention does provide some further evidence of an upcoming release with Big Red. Of course, we still need an announcement from Verizon Wireless and HTC before we can call this official. With that in mind, a device that is believed to be the Verizon HTC One has surfaced in a Bluetooth SIG filing.

Adobe entering the hardware space with Project Napoleon and Mighty

When it comes to Adobe the first thought of many is likely to be something software related. Up until now, that would have been the case. Moving forward though, it looks like Adobe will have Project Napoleon and Project Mighty. Both of these are hardware items and yes, they will both work together. Napoleon deals with a digital ruler and Mighty deals with a cloud connected pen.

HTC: Bluetooth low-energy is coming soon, but it’s not Android 4.3 features

This weekend a couple details and reports have surfaced regarding "breaking new features of Android 4.3" that were leaked by the folks over at HTC. In fact, there's been way more than a few reports of these "leaked features." Those being Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) and OpenGL ES 3.0 both by HTC. We're going to learn more about both from HTC in a public developer meet-up in San Francisco during Google I/O, but they aren't Android 4.3 features.

iKazoo Android controller hits indiegogo

There are no shortages of external controllers for Android devices for things like gaming and other needs. A new controller is now up for pre-order called the iKazoo and it is called the most versatile entertainment assistant ever. The controller is able to function as a voice, breath, or touch controller for Android devices.