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Harman shows off new JBL, Harman Kardon audio products at IFA

Aside from smart things and smartphones, a number of new audio accessories have just been announced at the IFA 2015 in Berlin this week. Harman showcased a slew of JBL and Harman Kardon-branded Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and portable audio system. Harman has a lot of new offerings for audiophiles this year that if you're a fan of the brand, you might have a hard time choosing which model to purchase.

Scosche shows off new BoomBottle+ Bluetooth speaker for rough and rugged use

There are a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers available in the market but there are only a few that can be considered safe and rugged enough for rough use like biking. Sure, there are headphones available but admit it, they're not as comfy and safe to use. The idea when cycling is to have some music playing in the background (or foreground). Music doesn't need to be loud because it can be dangerous. You need to hear the pedestrians and other vehicles near you.

Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker fills your life with music [DEALS]

If you're in the mood for some wireless listening experience but the basic Bluetooth speakers aren't just doing it for you, then Soundfreq might just have the right offer. The Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker is no ordinary Bluetooth sound accessory. The hi-fi speaker features its own subwoofer you'd only find in more complex, heavier, and more expensive setups. All while keeping not only the size and weight but, thanks to the Android Community Deal special offer, even the price down.

JBL Flip 3 improves on bass, durability and powerful sound

When you release the 3rd generation of any product, you should already have almost perfected it and worked out the kinks of the previous 2 incarnations. That’s what users are hoping for with the new JBL Flip 3, the newest addition to the cylindrical portable Bluetooth speaker line from Harman. This time around, the sound quality has been improved, as well as the durability and design of the speakers as well.

Get your very own Star Trek Communicator device

Trekkies will probably be scrambling to get one, and we can't blame them. An official Star Trek Communicator is actually going to be available for the first time during the ongoing San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately, you won't be able to call up the Enterprise, but at least the device is not just for eye candy. It is an actual fully functioning Bluetooth handset and speaker, and it will work beautifully (at least we think it will) with your connected or paired smartphone.

Sony adds 3 new wireless speakers to its premium audio lineup

To the uninitiated, a wireless speaker is just the same as any wireless speaker. But for audiophiles and those with a discerning ear, each is different, not just in terms of features, but also in watts, how many and what kind of sub speakers are included, digital amplification, etc. And for those who are into these kind of things, Sony is probably one of the better brands available in the market. They are now introducing three new speakers to add to their premium audio lineup.

On land or sea, Mighty Floating BT Speaker is there for you [DEALS]

We've seen a few wireless Bluetooth speakers that advertise being able to survive a bit of a splash or a slight downpour. But can they float? Now that might be a rather silly question but you never know when and where the party will take you. Luckily, the Mighty Floating Bluetooth Speaker was designed just for that. Water, rain, dust or sand, it can survive them all. And, of course, it can also serve up clear audio for your tunes, making it the ultimate pool party partner.

Amazon now accepts pre-orders for Echo from non-Prime customers

Have you ever imagined Siri or Google Now outside of your smartphone and into a speaker? Well, that's exactly what Amazon Echo is. The voice digital assistant has been around since November of last year, but it was only limited for Amazon Prime customers. But now, everyone else in the world, or rather, just the US, can pre-order the device and enjoy ordering it around when you've connected it to your smartphone or any of the apps and services that supports the speaker.

Keep your USB devices fully charged with the Power Vault [DEALS]

Discreetly recharge your mobile devices from practically anywhere with the Power Vault 18,000mAh Portable Battery Pack, 72% off at Android Community Deals. The Power Vault is a lightweight and compact battery pack. It’s capable of holding an immense 18,000mAh of power, which is enough to fully re-charge most smartphones several times over or an average tablet at least a couple of times. Plus, it can recharge up to two devices at once, which is a huge time saver.

App for the new Sony Bluetooth Speaker now available

If you pre-ordered the Sony Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 and are now eagerly awaiting the day when it will finally arrive on your doorstep, you can start practicing that you own one already by downloading the dedicated app. Sony announced that the app is now available for free from the Google Play Store to help you configure the much-hyped speaker and all-around digital companion when it will finally be delivered to you. And in case you haven't ordered yet, there's still time to get a special rate.
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