BLU Products

BLU Products now shipping the Studio 5.3 II and Tank 4.5 smartphones

BLU Products has officially begun shipping a pair of Android smartphones in the US market. The devices include the BLU Studio 5.3 II and the BLU Tank 4.5. These handsets are both available unlocked and with sub-$200 price points. Well, more accurately -- they are both priced at a contract-free $199. Those considering a purchase will be able to do so direct with BLU Products as well as with other online retailers.

BLU unleashes Quattro series with NVIDIA Tegra 3

BLU has some big plans to shake up the smartphone space, today introducing a new line of smartphones that come complete with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors. The new series is called Quattro, and though it may not sound like anything special, one of the big draws of the line will be that the phones are offered unlocked at a rather inexpensive price. There are three devices in all: the Quattro 4.5, Quattro 4.5 HD, and Quattro 5.7 HD.
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