Medium full version app now out on Android

For bloggers and readers who were pretty excited about having the long-form blog Medium available on their Android devices, the wait is over. Just mere weeks after they were calling for testers for the beta version, the developers have now announced that the full version is available for everyone that has a smartphone or tablet running on Android. They have finally "released it into the wild" after extensive beta testing and is now ready to be consumed by those eager to post their stories or to read about other people's words.

Squarespace brings two Android apps to help manage your blog

Content management system Squarespace has been one of the go-to sites for people who want a customized and low-maintenance kind of website for their personal (and sometimes professional use). Squarespace is introducing two new apps on the Android platform to help both users and non-users manage content for their own blogs or sites: Squarespace Note and Squarespace Blog.

WordPress mobile update: swipe stories,chat with support

If you’re a blogger who sometimes needs to fix stuff on your site while on the fly, the WordPress for Android app (well, that is if you’re actually using WP) is a pretty good tool to have lying around your smartphone. And now the app has gotten a pretty large update, to enable users to go through followed blogs easily as well as give your easier access to 24/7 customer service.

Tumblr reaches 100 million blogs, 72 million posts per day

Everyone can be a blogger in today's day and age, and a lot of that we owe to Tumblr. This week we've learned that the massive and extremely popular social and blogging site has reached an impressive milestone in March of 2013. Tumblr now has over 100 million blogs on the site, a number which has doubled in under a year after being around 50m in April of 2012.

Posterous Micro Blogging Service Introduces Android App

If blogging is the "new thing," then Tumblr and Posterous is the new blogging. Posterous is a micro-blogging service that allows users to post their thoughts in longer blurbs than twitter, but shorter than would appear on a full blog. Users of Posterous now can update their site with the newly announced Android app.

Sony Ericsson “Shakira”?

The device you see in the picture below is the rumored “Shakira”. It isn’t as sexy as the singer but it does look good. This device will be coming soon and is the little brother of the X10. If the X10 is too big for you and the Mini's are too small, this will fit your needs if you like the styling of the X10.

A Peek Under the Hood: Google TV and Logitech Harmony Link

Logitech is teaming up with Google to bring Google TV to your current HDTV. If the Google TV is out of your price range or you already have a few nice HDTV’s, this companion box may be the best choice for you. It brings the full Google TV experience to your existing home entertainment system.
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