HTC reportedly pushing ads masked as notifications in One devices

While we’ve accepted the fact that advertising on the Internet is practically everywhere, particularly in free games or apps, we don’t like it when something is pushed to us without our permission, or if it is in something that we paid for and is not subsidized at all. Some owners of the HTC One M9, M8, and M7 models are quite unhappy now, as it seems the OEM is pushing ads that are seemingly shown as notifications but is in fact marketing something we didn’t give permission to do so.

Get HTC’s BlinkFeed on your Android device, with plugins

One of HTC Sense UI’s most defining features is BlinkFeed. If you own an HTC One device then you know what we’re talking about here, and beaming with pride at the moment. For others who do not know what it is, well, you’re missing out. But maybe that gets fixed today, with these installables from our friends at XDA that should bring BlinkFeed to our non-HTC devices.

HTC BlinkFeed update: more social and personalized

While Android apps are generally "OEM agnostic", which means any smartphone running on the platform will be able to install and use them (with a few exceptions of course), lately we've been seeing a mini-trend of some brands bringing their proprietary apps to the Google Play Store. Motorola and Sony have brought their apps to that marketplace, although their target is still their own users. HTC is another manufacturer that has brought some exclusive apps to GPS, all the better to update it faster of course.