Jolla smartphone to launch in Finland on November 27

Smartphone users in Finland will soon have a new device to choose from once Jolla, a company born from Nokia's abandoned projects and employees, releases its first smartphone in two weeks' time. While the device runs its own mobile platform, called Sailfish OS, it might be interesting even to Android users on both a hardware and software perspective.

Blackberry CEO says jumping to Android ‘inappropriate’ right now

With all the trouble Blackberry is having, the say answer seems to be for them to make Android devices. There are no licensing fees to worry about, and very little maintenance should they choose to run stock Android. The build quality of Blackberry hardware has always been top-notch, so we’re sure they’d move units, maybe even better than with their own OS.

Google sued by Microsoft/Blackberry owned Rockstar

The seemingly endless litigation tech companies engage in just took a very serious tone. While suing over iPhone designs or WiFi radios is important, even interesting, it’s not necessarily crucial to the way a company does business. A new lawsuit filed against Google threatens the absolute core of what Google does, and it could get ugly.
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