BlackBerry Passport spotted running Android Lollipop

BlackBerry is still in the mobile business and the enterprise industry. Just because we don’t use BlackBerry and are hardcore Android fans, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about the Canadian smartphone pioneer. We’re interested to know what happens to this company that’s been facing a number of problems lately. We’ve been saying that going Android might help boost sales. This is aside from the fact what some Android apps can run on BlackBerry OS.

Send and receive money from Paypal through Blackberry Messenger

Messaging apps have been trying to one up each other over introducing new features and updates, in their respective bid to win you over and start using their app more often than the other gazillion ones in the market. WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Hangouts, and the others are all vying for users attention. BBM is still very much in the game, and now they’re introducing something really practical and hopefully useful: Paypal payments through the messaging app.

New internal renders of Blackberry ‘Venice’ leaked

What we have are some internal image renders of the new Blackberry slider phone currently codenamed “Venice”, and it’s heartening to know that Blackberry seems to be serious about its cross-platform dreams – it does look like the Venice will be running some sort of Android OS, if these images are to be believed.

Cyanogen claims to have ‘more users than Windows Mobile and Blackberry combined’

If you ask anyone on the street about the top two mobile operating systems in the world, anybody who has an idea about smartphones will probably tell you correctly, Android and iOS. Ask them who’s on third spot, and the answer might not come as easy. Fact is, that spot is somehow one of the most coveted positions in the tech industry these days, and Cyanogen is claiming that they got it.

BES12 enhanced with Android for Work, Samsung KNOX support

For those Android users who are not familiar with BlackBerry's BES12, it's an enterprise mobility solution that can be used in businesses and workplaces. This platform brings BES5 and BES10 in one place for easier mobile management. It's a paid program that's being used by some companies since the latter part of 2014. A few months later, the Canadian smartphone pioneer updates BES 12 with support for Android Work and Samsung KNOX.

BlackBerry working on an Android Device, buys related domains

Stories of BlackBerry working on an Android device have been spreading around for some time now. We can consider them as rumors but here's one proof that could tell us what the Canadian smartphone pioneer is up to. The company reportedly bought the domains and only last July 7. These two were sighted as registered to BlackBerry Limited.

BBM adds private messages to its new subscription service

Blackberry's BBM service has continued to be its "prime product" as they constantly update it with new features that would appeal to those who rely on messaging services to communicate with colleagues and loved ones. What differentiates them though is that they have subscription services for those who would like a little more than what the free messaging services offer. The latest one includes a new Private Chat feature that will "protect" you and your chatmate since there are no names involved.

Blackberry and Samsung reportedly teaming up for an Android smartphone

If a certain Russian blogger is to be believed, Android powerhouse Samsung will be teaming up with struggling Blackberry and they will be producing an Android smartphone that will have BB services (which some people are still dependent on/loyal to). This rumor comes days after another report that the next Blackberry phone will not be running on the much discussed Blackberry OS but rather on the more ubiquitous Android platform.

BlackBerry might use Android OS on new devices

We always knew this would happen: BlackBerry running Android OS. Android apps are now able to run on some BlackBerry devices but rumor has it that the Canada-based smartphone pioneer is making a big leap by jumping into the Android fence. BlackBerry 10 is just the start but once everything is finalized, expect more BlackBerry-manufactured devices to run the latest Android mobile OS.
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