BlackBerry shows off first preview photos of Priv smartphone

Just when you think they were going away for good, they make a comeback. We’re not talking about yoga pants, but rather, tech company BlackBerry. Most people have written them off, at least in terms of their phones, but recently they announced that they were releasing their first smartphone on the Android platform. Today, they released photos of their upcoming device called Priv and from the looks of it, there might be something there.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen shows off BlackBerry Priv in cringe-worthy interview

So it might be the honest thing to say that we’ve all been marginally excited at the upcoming BlackBerry phone that will run on an Android operating system. It’s been nicknamed the BlackBerry Venice, but we all know now that as per the official announcement, it will be called the BlackBerry Priv – for privacy, or privilege, whatever the case may be. BlackBerry CEO John Chen was seemingly caught in the headlights when he started to showcase the new phone in an interview that went as smooth as sandpaper.

BlackBerry CEO still not confirming Android phone, says more apps are needed

The previous rumors and recent leaks somehow all point to the possibility of an Android-running BlackBerry device but we have yet to hear from CEO himself John Chen. We all know Chen to be very confident when it comes to saying that the Canadian smartphone pioneer isn't in trouble and is doing okay or is not for sale anytime soon. We believe what he's saying but you can't deny the fact that BlackBerry needs some help now if it wants to remain in the mobile industry. The best thing it can do right now is to finally release a fully Android-powered BlackBerry device which we think is now in the works -- the BlackBerry Venice being the first.

BlackBerry Venice sighted in the wild, with slider display and QWERTY keys

We believe that BlackBerry will remain in the business if it starts making Android devices. The smartphone pioneer already started running Android apps on BlackBerry 10 but what the mobile world needs is a true blue Android-powered BlackBerry device. We've been saying that the company is working on an Android device and looks like it's arriving very soon as the BlackBerry Venice was recently caught in the wild and photos were shared on Vietnamese website Tinhte.

BlackBerry Passport spotted running Android Lollipop

BlackBerry is still in the mobile business and the enterprise industry. Just because we don’t use BlackBerry and are hardcore Android fans, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about the Canadian smartphone pioneer. We’re interested to know what happens to this company that’s been facing a number of problems lately. We’ve been saying that going Android might help boost sales. This is aside from the fact what some Android apps can run on BlackBerry OS.

Send and receive money from Paypal through Blackberry Messenger

Messaging apps have been trying to one up each other over introducing new features and updates, in their respective bid to win you over and start using their app more often than the other gazillion ones in the market. WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Hangouts, and the others are all vying for users attention. BBM is still very much in the game, and now they’re introducing something really practical and hopefully useful: Paypal payments through the messaging app.

New internal renders of Blackberry ‘Venice’ leaked

What we have are some internal image renders of the new Blackberry slider phone currently codenamed “Venice”, and it’s heartening to know that Blackberry seems to be serious about its cross-platform dreams – it does look like the Venice will be running some sort of Android OS, if these images are to be believed.

Cyanogen claims to have ‘more users than Windows Mobile and Blackberry combined’

If you ask anyone on the street about the top two mobile operating systems in the world, anybody who has an idea about smartphones will probably tell you correctly, Android and iOS. Ask them who’s on third spot, and the answer might not come as easy. Fact is, that spot is somehow one of the most coveted positions in the tech industry these days, and Cyanogen is claiming that they got it.
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