Samsung email blunder spills Galaxy Nexus buyer details

The UK Galaxy Nexus launch hasn't gone quite to Google's plan. Not only did exclusive retail partner Phones 4U accidentally sell a developer prototype in place of a consumer handset to the very first buyer, but now it seems Samsung has managed to share the contact details of the first 100 early-adopters with each other.
"Congratulations on being one of the world’s first owners of the Galaxy Nexus! You’ll receive your codes and redemption instructions within 14 days of purchase. And as a bonus gift, we’ll be sending you a £100 bonusbond gift voucher, which is redeemable at over 25,000 places in the UK. To receive your bonusbond gift voucher (also within 14 days of purchase), please reply to this email with your full postal address no later than Tuesday 29th November, 2011. Full terms and conditions to follow" Samsung UK email
The manufacturer ran a £250 media giveaway for the first 100 Galaxy Nexus buyers, and followed up today via email. Unfortunately, whoever is manning Samsung's email made the rookie mistake of using the "CC" rather than "BCC" box, thus sharing all 100 email addresses with the group as a whole. Of course, we imagine Google is too busy working on a volume bug fix to spend time scolding Samsung, so hopefully the early owners will treat the email blunder as a way to make new friends rather than as a great source of spam targets. As our tipster - who wanted to remain anonymous - said, "it's a good thing we 100 Nexus buyers are good people..." Update: Samsung UK has been in touch with the 100 people affected to apologize for the gaffe, Android UK News etc reports. [Thanks anonymous tipster!]

Voloco music/voice processing app is bizarre offspring from creepy controller [Video]

What do you mean, you've never wanted a springbok-horn decorated, motion-sensing music controller glove? The musos at Jazari would be disappointed with you, though you can probably make it up to them by downloading their new Android app, Voloco. Voloco is basically a real-time automatic tuning, pitch-shifting and vocoding app, based on Jazari's custom vocal processing software as shown in action in the video below. Load up a song from your phone's music library and it will automatically identify its tuning; you can then record your own mangling efforts. Unfortunately, it won't let you control a vast array of percussion instrumentation simply by moving your hands. That will have to be left to the experts, as in the somewhat bizarre video below. You can download Voloco free from the Android Market. [youtube f5DgC-SOXmU]

Entire Vodafone New Zealand XPERIA Play stock stolen

Vodafone New Zealand has been forced to delay its launch of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, after its entire launch stock was stolen. According to the carrier's Facebook page, a "major security" breach saw thieves make off with all the gaming phones. The carrier shared a (tiny) photo of what looks to be a store with a boarded-up window, though it's unclear if this single retail location actually had all of the Vodafone stock on-site. The handset is yet to be listed on the carrier's site. Vodafone hasn't said exactly when would-be mobile gamers can expect more stock to arrive. Conspiracy theories already abound, however, with some Facebook commenters going so far as to suggest that the carrier has staged a fake robbery to cover up a more mundane delay of the XPERIA Play. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Samsung Galaxy S II: Extreme Unboxing! [Video]

The things we here at Android Community will do to get our hands on the latest gadgets! Samsung invited me to crank the traditional unboxing process up to 11 last week, taking to a 300bhp Subaru Impreza rally car to talk about the company's new flagship Galaxy S II Android smartphone in the most unusual of situations.

Bizarre Japanese Dell Streak advert promises Android efficiency

Was a group of Japanese robotic businessmen the only thing the Dell Streak needed to successfully quash the iPad? A bizarre "Dell Streak Man Project" advert has turned up for the Japanese market, in what we're guessing is meant to imply that the Streak hybrid smartphone/tablet helps organize you into an efficient android machine. Along the way, though, it comes across more than a little like those impromptu dances sometimes held in the middle of shopping centers, complete with bemused onlookers watching from the sidelines. As you can see at one point, too, the Streak itself isn't actually turned on. Still, it's memorably - albeit in an odd way - and that's generally a good thing in adverts. Airing in Japan this month, we'll have to wait and see what, if anything, it does for sales of the Streak there. [via Twitter]

Ninja Nexus S unboxing is perhaps best ever

As unboxings go, you can either have our Nexus S unpackaging, or you can have ninjas. Arguably there's no contest, so head on over to to see a trio of stop-motion desktop martial arts experts fight over Google's latest. You can enjoy the ninja-based fun at, and don't forget to have a good swing of the nunchucks left near the bottom of the screen after the animation is finished.

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets shot, Gorilla Glass proves its worth

We don't actually advocate shooting your Galaxy Tab, even if it is with a CO2-powered pistol rather than a "true" firearm, but it's a good way of demonstrating your confidence in the Gorilla Glass front panel. YouTuber metafonic braved his Samsung slate with three metal pellets from around a meter away. At the risk of spoiling the surprise, the Galaxy Tab survives unharmed and unscratched, and the touchscreen still works perfectly. Incidentally, in the second video you can see what a pellet from the gun does to regular glass. [youtube 0Kt7ckZ9Xho] [youtube QWNoFOmYe9k] [via MP4Nation]

Samsung Galaxy Tab “Porn” button prompts double-take

We're obviously far too mature to laugh at this sort of thing, but we will admit to a sly smile at the sight of Samsung's Galaxy Tab with a "Porn" button in the menus.  No, this isn't the Korean company's attempt to corner the tablet erotica market - that Steve Jobs so memorably said the iPad offered "freedom" from - but a poorly judged design decision on the Romanian version of the Froyo slate. Mobilissimo spotted the incongruously labeled button on the Galaxy Tab, and handily have an explanation too.  Apparently the Romanian for "start" can be translated as "Pornire", which Samsung's UI engineers have subsequently abbreviated.  Pressing it will, we're guessing, take you back to the Android homescreen, rather than unlocking a cornucopia of illicit thrills. [via SlashPhone]
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