BitTorrent Sync Mobile now lets you create, edit, and share files

Analysts have been predicting for a few years now that pretty soon, everyone will be on the cloud. But one thing that has been preventing some from actually going there are the security risks and of course, the limited amount of free storage you get. The arrival of the BitTorrent Sync app last year has enabled users to share large files without the cloud but through peer 2 peer sharing, but they could only view said files. But now, the newest update to the app gives you the power to create and edit, aside from just sharing files though the app.

BitTorrent launches paid file sharing app, platform agnostic

So you’re at your friend’s wedding, happily snapping pictures and candid memories on your new LG G4 with the very nice camera. After the wedding, your friend asks if she could have a copy of your pictures, as their photographer forgot to take candid shots of the guests – and you have a lot of those, hundreds of photographs. Aside from remembering not to hire this particular wedding photographer, what do you do? How do you quickly and securely transfer hundreds of high resolution photos to your friend’s phone, which is unfortunately an iPhone 6? BitTorrent thinks it has the answer to these situations with the BitTorrent Shoot app.

BitTorrent updates Sync app Android with Intel x86 support

BitTorrent's Sync app for Android was recently updated with support for more Intel-powered Android devices. This brings an improved experience to any mobile device that is powered by Intel x86 processors. With this app update, adding multiple files, images, videos, and audio content to a folder is also enabled. The developers also enhanced app experience when you link a device without a camera to your identity.

Bleep leaves alpha phase, now available across all platforms

A few months after their alpha release, this messaging service from BitTorrent is now ready to take on the world. Bleep is now publicly available on the Google Play Store and in other platforms. The newest version of the app also brings new features and additional improvements, trying to convince you to switch from your current messaging service to the supposedly more secure newest kid on the market.

BitTorrent celebrates 100 million app downloads with version 3.4

There are around 100 million people (or devices) that have apparently downloaded the BitTorrent and uTorrent mobile apps, and the developers couldn't be happier with this milestone, which has more than doubled since their last announced landmark which was 40 million back in November 2013. And as a treat for mobile users, they have released version 3, bringing improvements to its core, as well as providing a built-in music and video player to make it easier to play your downloads.

You can now send photos through BitTorrent’s Bleep messaging app

A few months after BitTorrent launched the Alpha version of their messaging app Bleep, we're finally getting an update. If before you can only send messages and make voice calls to the app, now as promised, you can add exchanging pictures into the equation. There are also a few minor tweaks added, but the app is still in the Alpha mode, although they are already laying the groundwork for the beta version soon.

BitTorrent opens Bleep Alpha messaging service for Android

If you think that tech company BitTorrent is just known for revolutionizing the (not-so-legal) way we share large files, then they are out to prove you wrong. A few months ago, they launched the testing of a messaging app that they've created, and now, after working out the feedback they've received, they are now opening up Bleep Alpha to the public, particularly the Android users. But what will make it different from the glut of messaging apps that have flooded the market?

BitTorrent Sync 1.4: an easier way to share huge files

Everyone is all about the cloud these days, from temporary storage, to backup solutions, to ad-hoc sharing of files with others. But what if you needed to share a file that was so huge that not only does it hit the limit of any cloud storage but also makes it time-consuming to first upload the file to the cloud before sharing it with others? That is where BitTorrent Sync comes in.

BitTorrent’s Android update improves downloading experience

The latest version of the BitTorrent app has arrived in the Play Store this afternoon. The update, which brings the app to version 2.09 includes a refresh in terms of the design as well as some improvements dealing with both downloading and deleting. The developers behind the app have said they've added "some of the top requested features" with this update.