Koush’ unveils Mirror for mirroring Android to Apple TV

Koushik "Koush" Dutta has indeed been very busy with his pet Android projects, particularly those that involve pushing screens around. Now the developer, who is also working on CyanogenMod and ClockworkMod Recovery among other things, has just announced a beta version of his Mirror app for Android that will let users push their Android screens to their Apple TVs.

Minecraft PE Android beta program launched by Mojang

The Play Store beta release program ins't new, however there is a new entry as of today. Mojang has announced a beta program for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) this morning. This will be open and available for anyone that has previously purchased the game, or alternatively, for those who are still planning to purchase the game.

Dayframe transforms your Android device into a digital photo frame

With the rate that new mobile devices are churned out and bought these days, there is bound to be one or two old, unused tablet or smartphone lying around in people's homes, gathering dust. While more advanced or adventurous owners might have some esoteric idea for those gadgets, regular users might just opt to dedicate the hardware for something less grandiose, such as a digital photo frame to showcase your family photos in the living room.

Firefox Beta gets new Home design on Android

Firefox Beta for Android has received yet another update. This latest update has recently landed in the Play Store and it brings an updated startup screen. This is being called "Home" and it is described as being a place where users can get "quick and easy access to their browsing data."
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