Firefox 4 Beta Now Available in the Android Market

It's been quite the journey for the Firefox (originally Fennec) Mobile Browser for Android. It has been in beta and available for direct download from Mozilla for a few months now, but, to make things easier, it is now available in the Android Market along with some improvements.

Swype Beta Re-Opens for a Limited Time

For everyone who missed out on the last opening of the Swype beta, there is some good news to report this afternoon. Swype for Android has received an update as well as had its beta re-opened to the public.

FireFox For Android Coming to the Android Market This Month

Firefox is one of the most popular user installable web browsers in the world, and the Firefox Mobile for Android is proving to be one of the most impressive browsers available for the platform. However, as many of you know, it's currently in beta and only available directly from Mozilla. This is about to change as Firefox Mobile is about to see a new beta release and it will be available in the Android Market this month.

TeamViewer Beta now available for Android devices

One cool feature available on many phones is the ability to control your computer from your phone via a 3rd party app. I know for that there are a lot of apps on the iPhone that can do this, but there haven't been many apps on Android yet capable of doing this. Well, today is your lucky day because the TeamViewer application has just released a beta for Android devices.

Swype Android Beta updated

I have some good news for those of you that have been testing out the Swype beta on your Android device( aka it didn't come pre-installed on your phone). The Swype beta has just received a significantly large update for its users. Check out the full list of features after the break.

Firefox 4 Beta for Android receives an update

Usually 3rd party browsers are looked over by the masses because the browser their device shipped with simply gets the job done. Firefox 4 for Android is looking to take some of the Android mobile browser market share away from the default browser making it's browser the best on the Android platform.

Beta Release of Google Instant for Mobile

As you know, Google Instant is basically what happens now when you're on and you search - poof! It's there. You type in what you want and there's no need to press the search button. One small step for my day, one giant leap for me if you could all the clicks I'm saving over my whole lifetime. This functionality was announced for mobile devices in September, and now there's a Beta release.

Google Instant Now Available in Beta For some devices

We first heard of Google Instant back in september, and even had a way to get it to work on some devices. Although this was only a temporary bug, and the link to Mobile Google with Instant was later pulled, we now are getting word that Google Instant is hitting some devices in beta form. The image seen above has been what users of some Android devices are seeing when they navigate to Google via their Android devices. So far we have been told that users of the Droid, Droid x, and Incredible are all seeing the toggle switch for instant. And if you forgot, or haven't used Google in some time, here is what Google Instant is all about: [youtube]ElubRNRIUg4[/youtube] It's likely more devices will be available to activate it later today. What about you? Do you see it? Let us know in the comments! [Via DroidLife]