Google Instant Now Available in Beta For some devices

We first heard of Google Instant back in september, and even had a way to get it to work on some devices. Although this was only a temporary bug, and the link to Mobile Google with Instant was later pulled, we now are getting word that Google Instant is hitting some devices in beta form. The image seen above has been what users of some Android devices are seeing when they navigate to Google via their Android devices. So far we have been told that users of the Droid, Droid x, and Incredible are all seeing the toggle switch for instant. And if you forgot, or haven't used Google in some time, here is what Google Instant is all about: [youtube]ElubRNRIUg4[/youtube] It's likely more devices will be available to activate it later today. What about you? Do you see it? Let us know in the comments! [Via DroidLife]

TweetDeck details it’s Android User base

TweetDeck, currently ending it’s public beta, has released some interesting information to the internet tonight. Specifically they have released information regarding which devices have been using the application across their 36,427 beta testers and their version of Android - even customized modifications. They are shocked at the amount of “custom roms and crazy phones” were caught running the application, and are pleased that their application could work across so many devices and software versions of Android.

Dell Streak Froyo Beta ROM available now

A Froyo ROM for the Dell Streak, currently in beta, is now available to download via a somewhat lengthy process. Everything is working, and there are a few bugs like the Streak randomly rebooting, or 3G data problems after switching off WiFi. However for a beta in the early stages of a Froyo ROM this is very impressive. The process is pretty detailed and lengthy and requires updating the baseband. Don’t be too concerned, this is all taken care of by a program made by Qualcomm so, in theory, it is safe. However, as with all rooting, nothing is 100% safe and you will need to try it at your own risk. You can check out the instructions for download over at Android @ Modaco

Firefox 4.0 Beta available now

Last week we heard word of the official rebranding of Fennec 2.0 to Firefox 4.0 to stay current with it’s desktop counterpart. Well now it’s officially in beta for Android. Firefox is built on the same technology platform as the desktop browser and is optimized in many ways for mobile browsing.

Google Maps 4.5 – Now with Walking Navigation (Beta)

Google has just rolled out an update to their Maps application with a much requested feature, walking navigation. It comes meshed with the previously available walking directions and navigation features into one beta product - Walking Navigation (Beta v4.5).

Angry Birds Beta Available Friday In The Marketplace, Update

Yesterday, we informed you that if you went and signed up to the Angry Birds mailing list that they would send it to you, and you would have the option to download the beta to test it out. Well with overwhelming response, they have said that they are going to go ahead and make the beta available in the Marketplace for every one to test out.

TweetDeck Beta for Android Now Available for Download

Just as we had reported yesterday, after the initial leak of the older version of TweetDeck for Android, the company has officially opened their doors to the public Beta for the Twitter client. You'll have to go through some steps to get your fingers moseying through the brand new client, but that's not a problem, right? For as long as you've probably waited for TweetDeck to make an appearance on Android, what's another few more clicks to gain access to the Beta?

Swype Beta Now Open to All (Limited Time)

For the next few days Swype will be opening up its beta app for anyone with an Android phone that registers. Swype offers a new way to enter text by swiping your finger from letter to letter to input text. This keyboard has been responsible for some amazing text entry speeds.

Swype Beta Has Been Updated

A new version of Swype is now available to all of you lucky people that managed to get in on the beta testing. This keyboard has been preinstalled on a few phones and has yet to make its way onto the Android Market. This update includes a few bugs fixes and performance tweaks.

Tagwhat Unveils Augmented Reality Network

TagWhat has just announced the release of their new augmented reality app. This app is social conscious, it allows you to tag certain locations and leave notes about it for your friends. It also allows you to have followers kind of like Twitter does. Once you Tag a location you can include direct action links to email, phone, SMS, photos, URL’s, cross-posting to Twitter, Facebook. This app will also give you directions to your friends aged location so you can go meet up with them. This app has a lot of potential, its currently in beta, qr code is located after the jump with a few videos.