Live stream any app from your phone on Mirrativ app (beta)

The race for the best live-streaming app in the market is definitely on. From Meerkat and Twiiter-owned Periscope with their social media live broadcasts, to Twitch’s gaming livestream community, to Facebook’s celebrity livestreams. But while they can lifestream videos and games, there aren’t that many (or any at all) that can show other people in real time what you’re doing on your mobile device. Mirrativ may be that innovative livestream app to rule them all.

Send and receive money from Paypal through Blackberry Messenger

Messaging apps have been trying to one up each other over introducing new features and updates, in their respective bid to win you over and start using their app more often than the other gazillion ones in the market. WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Hangouts, and the others are all vying for users attention. BBM is still very much in the game, and now they’re introducing something really practical and hopefully useful: Paypal payments through the messaging app.

Pocket launches Beta Channel to bring you more relevant content

With the amount of posts, links, videos, images, etc that we come across every day and that we are thinking of consuming, sometimes what is left is what everybody else is talking about (which is not necessarily quality) or what is the latest thing that you saved/read/watched (which again is not always that great). Pocket, that neat little tool that you can get to save links for reading later, is launching a new Public Beta Channel, which can help you with that problem, among many other features.

Write without distractions with Monospace app (BETA mode)

When you’re writing on your smartphone or tablet, especially if it’s a long article or post, you don’t necessarily need an app that has all the bells and whistles, as sometimes it proves more distracting rather than helpful. Minimalist note apps have sprung up for those that need to just concentrate on writing. A new one, still in BETA mode, is called Monospace and from the name itself, you can expect something simple, monochromatic, and hopefully, will help you write better and faster.

Microsoft beta launches their own Android launcher

In another step in their bid to become more relevant to other consumers, specifically for Android users, Microsoft is working on a new app that is now in a private beta-testing phase. The Arrow Launcher, is, you guessed it, an Android launcher that tries to bring the usual features that we enjoy from launchers, while bringing something unique and a Microsoft sensibility as well. And since it’s still in beta, you can contribute to making it a bit better.

HERE opens up Android Public Beta to testers

In their quest to become the best map and location app in the market, HERE has been adding features left and right in order to give users what they want, what they need, and even what they didn't think they needed. But even though their current app is pretty neat already, they want to accelerate the improvement process by releasing a public beta program so those interested in testing out new features can do so and give feedback immediately.

Sony’s balloon photo app, now out on beta for Android

There are a lot of photo apps out there that let you edit, put captions and other designs on top of pictures you've recently taken or those that are already on your camera roll. But there are only a few out there that lets you do something as unique as Sony's Voice Balloon photo app, which lets you add thought balloons to your photos, using your smartphone's voice recognition as the basis for the dialogue you can add to your picture. Now they're releasing a new similar app in beta called balloon photo.

Medium calls for testers for its Android beta app

While most people tend to gravitate towards micro-blogging or even just reading the "listicle" Buzzfeed type of articles, there are still people who prefer consuming long-form content and writing them as well. That's where apps and services like Medium come in, where aspiring writers and people who love to read those aspiring writers' words intersect. And now, they are calling on early adapters and Medium fans to help get their app off the ground by testing the Android beta version.

Text, call, video call on your browser with Skype for Web (US and UK)

If you're a Skype user, their mobile app has probably served you well, letting you converse with your family, friends and colleagues through free messages, audio calls, and video chats. But there are times when for one reason or another, you don't have access to the app itself but you still need to communicate with them. If you live in the US and UK, you can just now log on to your Skype account through the web portal and you'll be able to do so.

QiLaunch Wear now availalbe in beta testing for your Android Wear

While smartwatch screens are obviously smaller, it is still sometimes time consuming, not to mention battery consuming, to tap and swipe down your menu, especially when you have a lot of apps and sub-folders on your wearable. Thank goodness for smartwatch app launchers eh? A new one called QiLaunch Wear is now available for beta testing, and it aims to just reduce the time and effort to look for apps but also preserve your Android Wear-run smartwatch's battery life.
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