beta testing

Cyanogen looking for CM Installer app testers

Cyanogen had previously announced they were working on an app to simplify the installation process. Perhaps a bit nicer, it was said that installer app was going to be arriving in the Play Store. Well, flash forward till today and it looks like progress is being made towards that release. We have yet to see any sort of timeline given, however Koush has put out the call for beta testers.

Clash of Clans invades Android, still in closed beta

It is always good to hear when developers and publishers finally decide to spread the success of their products to the throng of Android uses all over the world, such as the case of Supercell. The developer behind the Clash of Clans has finally relented and is now bringing the hit game to Android.

Apkudo helps devs test apps to be sure they work on multiple devices

One of the biggest challenges for app developers on platforms like Android where there are multiple smartphones and all those smartphones tend to have different hardware is fragmentation. Just because the app the develop runs on one Android smartphone doesn't mean it will run on all of them. Some devs have found that out the hard way, as have Android users when they try and use the app. Apkudo is a new testing platform that devs might find interesting.

Slick UI Homescreen-Replacement Interface for Android Devices (CONCEPT)

Gorgeous! Look at the loveliness that's been brewing in the creation boxes of the conceptual workers working on "Slick UI"! This Slick UI is similar to other apps such as LauncherPro or ADW in that it's a homescreen-replacement launcher made to pretty-up and function-up the homescreen of your Android-based device. It aims to make your whole experience more "silky smooth, functional and highly customizable."

T-Mobile Launches Device Tune-up Beta

T-Mobile has just released Device Tune-up for open beta testing. This is a new feature in the My Accounts app from T-Mobile. It’s essentially a task killer that aims to improve on your phones performance and it should help your battery last longer by killing apps that run in the background.

Swype Beta Has Been Updated

A new version of Swype is now available to all of you lucky people that managed to get in on the beta testing. This keyboard has been preinstalled on a few phones and has yet to make its way onto the Android Market. This update includes a few bugs fixes and performance tweaks.
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