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Spotify adds Android Preview app with Facebook sign-in and sharing

Now that United States citizens have been welcomed with open arms, Spotify's Android app is getting some much-needed love. The new version is available as a non-Market download from Spotify's blog, showing off some new social features. Users can now log in with either their original Spotify credentials or by connecting to Facebook - you don't even have to create a new account if you opt for the latter.

Major Firefox update in the works, including native UI and Flash

Mozilla brought Firefox to Android less than a year ago, but after nine months in development it's still lagging behind more experienced browsers on the platform. The developer has announced some big changes fro the mobile version, including a native user interface and Flash integration - again, something that's available in the stock browser and others already. Interested testers can build themselves an early version of the app, but it'll be a few months before the rest of us can get our hands on a beta.

SwiftKey 2 [BETA] Hands-On and Review

Have yourself a look at the newest version of the most radically awesome keyboard app in existence, SwiftKey. This version features a few new elements including a brand new installer process, settings menu, and a most-excellent shortcut launcher on the keyboard itself. Our review lies beneath, as does a key to getting your own BETA copy today, and today only! Sell the excellence of a keyboard that learns as you teach it, teaching without any extra effort for more awesome awareness!

Swype for Android Beta Registration Back Open, Update Patched

This fabulous system which I myself still cannot for the life of my get the hang of used to be a brand whose product was not quite compatible with Android. Then the APKs started getting out. Beta testers were in play, but many more people with the app had the app without technically having official access to the app. To combat (for some odd reason or another) the use of this app without permission, Swype instilled a login system that'd supposedly block the people who weren't supposed to be in, out. Now there's an update.

Galaxy Tab Shot with CO2 Powered Pistol to Test Gorilla Glass

This is my favorite way to test electronics. This and putting phones into a blender (I think you know what I'm talking about.) The following video(s) display the awesome power of Gorilla Glass, installed of course on a Galaxy Tab, by placing a Tab directly in the path of a really awesome CO2 powered pistol. It DOES make a dent, but a relatively small one when you think of how well basically any other bit of tech would stand up against such a blow.

T-Mobile Launches Device Tune-up Beta

T-Mobile has just released Device Tune-up for open beta testing. This is a new feature in the My Accounts app from T-Mobile. It’s essentially a task killer that aims to improve on your phones performance and it should help your battery last longer by killing apps that run in the background.

Swype Beta Has Been Updated

A new version of Swype is now available to all of you lucky people that managed to get in on the beta testing. This keyboard has been preinstalled on a few phones and has yet to make its way onto the Android Market. This update includes a few bugs fixes and performance tweaks.
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