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Android Community Weekly: November 6, 2011

We've had a great week of tech reviews, hands-on/unboxings, and development for this first week of November! First, we started off our work week with an excellent review of the Motorola ATRIX 2 by Michael Crider. An unboxing of the HTC Rezound was then performed by Cory Gunther soon after. After seeing ads of the HTC Rezound show up in Verizon Wireless stores, you can be sure to see this device soon. It was officially announced to the public Thursday, and around the same time we released our own hands-on round-up.

Best Buy is selling the HP TouchPad you want with the HP computer you don’t

WebOS may be doomed, but there's still plenty of interest in the HP TouchPad, due to the dual charms of insane firesale pricing and an increasingly stable Android port. If you missed your chance to pick one up when inventories were liquidated, everyone's favorite evil electronics retailer Best Buy has your back. Not that you should show it to them. Limited stocks of 32GB TouchPads are available for the low, low price of $149... as long as you buy an HP-branded PC as well.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus appears in Best Buy systems as Nexus Prime

I'm ready for the Galaxy Nexus already and Tuesday just can't come fast enough. For now we'll just have to settle with the various leaks as I'm sure we'll get one every few hours right up until Tuesday. Late yesterday the Galaxy Nexus was spotted in Verizon's Cellebrite system, and now today it's also appearing in cellebrite systems for Best Buy. Could this be another Best Buy exclusive like the original Galaxy S? Doubtful but it also wouldn't surprise me either.

XOOM Family Edition is a Best Buy exclusive for $379

We saw some leaked retail shots of the kid-friendly XOOM Family Edition just last week, and it won't be long before you and yours can get your hands on it.According to a press release today, Motorola and Best Buy are partnering to bring the customized XOOM to market starting this Sunday, October 16th. The Family Edition will cost $379, a significant savings on the current $499 WiFi model.

HTC Flyer on sale for $99 at Best Buy – fly to your local store [UPDATED]

After some already dramatic reductions last week, it looks like the HTC Flyer is getting the fire sale treatment from the US' largest electronics retailer. The 7-inch Gingerbread tablet was marked down to just $99.99 sometime this morning, and has already sold out online. The discounted price may or may not be available at your local retail store and store pickup is not being offered, so if you want to take a chance on a great bargain, make tracks now. UPDATE: False alarm, folks. It looks like Best Buy had another ill-timed pricing error.

Best Buy cutting HTC Flyer price to $300 on October 6th

Rumors are flying that HTC's first Android tablet will be seeing a significant price reduction soon. According to Phone Arena, Best Buy will be slashing the price of the wifi-only HTC Flyer to $300, a $200 reduction off the current retail price, next Thursday. If true, that could make the 7-incher a lot more attractive as the Android tablet market races to the bottom. UPDATE: It looks like Best Buy is reducing the price even earlier, on Saturday, October 1st.

Samsung Officially Announces Galaxy Tab 8.9, and Galaxy Players coming in October

Samsung has just announced full pricing and retail availability for three new Android devices today. Those being the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 as well as the Galaxy Player 5.0 and 4.0 media devices. We've seen plenty of these over the past few weeks as well as full Tab 8.9 pre-order information. Today we have full details and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be available starting October 2nd.

PSA: There is no 3D Facebook Phone

Even though an HTC Status 3D would be the talk of the town, certainly, if it were real, and certainly not only for positive reasons, we've got to let you know that the September Best Buy BUYER'S GUIDE has a slightly less than factual bit to it. On the back cover of our beloved Best Buy mobile-intensive mini magazine, (the one you can get when you walk in the door, right over by all the smartphones,) there are three devices, (four, technically,) sitting one next to another: the "ThunderBolt by HTC", the "HTC EVO 3D" and the "HTC Status 3D" with new choice of either AT&T standard silver coloring or Best Buy's exclusive Mauve coloring. I asked, they giggled.

Motorola Droid Bionic Hitting Best Buy Soon?

More Bionic news, we are now seeing the phone officially show up all around parts of Best Buy. From right on their website to a few magazine ads. It's safe to say it is coming soon but then we already knew that right? We've been hearing it for months and months. Best Buy's September buyers guide is all about the Droid Bionic and they have it front and center.