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DROID 4 shows up in Best Buy ad, nowhere else

Man, it's starting to turn into a seriously frustrating wait for those who want a Motorola DROID 4. Since a large number of original DROID owners are past their two-year contract term with Verizon, there's a decent amount of pent-up demand for a current generation QWERTY successor. Verizon apparently had a handful of dates ready before postponing the phone, possibly as late as February 2nd. At least one of them is probably the reason that you can spot a DROID 4 on Best Buy's Rewards Zone site right now.

Galaxy Nexus devices slip out early to some from Best Buy and Verizon stores

If you have been one of the many Android fans who are spamming the websites of your favorite stores looking for the Galaxy Nexus to go on sale; you need to go into the closest Best Buy or Verizon store sand see what you can do. eWeek reports that in some Best Buy and Verizon locations, the Galaxy Nexus has been sold early to customers. This isn’t such good news today as it would have been weeks back, still no one likes to wait.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus stock arrives at Best Buy, can’t sell it yet

We are now hearing from all sorts of different sources and leaks that December 9th is the big (or little) day for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. With not so much as a peep from Verizon other than a few leaked emails it's safe to say they'll be doing a silent rollout or not making a big deal about the device. New leaks have confirmed Best Buy has received the Galaxy Nexus stock today and will also start selling it as soon as Verizon gives them the okay.

Play it again, Sam: Best Buy may release Galaxy Nexus on December 11th

Raise your hand if you're tired of waiting for Verizon to release the Galaxy Nexus. One, two... we may be here for a while. An internal Best Buy screenshot has made its way to Engadget, showing the big box retailer with a possible December 11th release for the much-anticipated Google phone. This contradicts earlier rumors of a December 8th launch, but then, those rumors contradict all the other rumors that have been flying around.

ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet and Dock available for pre-order at Best Buy

Well folks, it appears the ASUS Transformer Prime is just popping up everywhere and today the pre-order list just got a huge member -- Best Buy! The Prime has been in the news plenty lately, and rightfully so packing a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and all. It's been available for pre-order from Gamestop for a while now but now Best Buy is ready to transform your shopping experience.

Galaxy Nexus could be at Best Buy November 27, 2011

The Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus seems to have surfaced in a leak from a Best Buy flier. Best Buy terms the Galaxy Nexus as part of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone line, and even calls it the "Samsung Nexus Prime". It seems silly that Best Buy would leave out T-Mobile's Galaxy S II and even the AT&T Skyrocket in the flier. Whether or not it will still be called the Galaxy Nexus by other carriers is still unknown.

ASUS Transformer for $249, Toshiba Thrive for $279 and more from Best Buy Black Friday

Who's ready for some Black Friday deals? If you are the type to wake up at 4:00 AM and stand in the cold while fighting off hoards of shopping Mom and Dads during Black Friday, or just really want a new Android tablet then you'll want to pay attention to Best Buy. They've already released a few ads showing off a couple deals for Black Friday coming up in a few weeks and they've now appeared on every BF website you can think of. We have the pictures below.
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