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Chromecast back in stock at Best Buy online, Netflix included

The hard to find Google Chromecast media streaming dongle has been something many are looking to get their hands on, and now one more option is available again. We've seen the Chromecast go in and out of stock from Best Buy, Google's Play Store, and Amazon, and now it looks like Google finally has quite a bit more for everyone.

Galaxy S III and DROID DNA discounts coming to Best Buy

Best Buy is planning a weekend sale that will bring some discounts on select Android smartphones. There are a few handsets that will be available during this promotion and they look to be spread between two carriers -- AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Before anyone gets excited thinking there will be deep discounts on handsets such as the GALAXY S 4 or HTC One, we will offer the warning up front as these are older model handsets.

HTC One push continues in USA as Best Buy joins the fray

T-Mobile has the HTC One available, however those making a purchase direct from the carrier will be doing so under the new UNcarrier approach. Basically, that is to say you will be getting the One with an initial downpayment and 24 additional monthly payments. The UNcarrier set up includes the newer Simple Choice Plans, however we suspect some may still prefer the Classic plans.
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