AnTuTu Benchmark v3.0 released with new UI, DNA support and more

We have good news for all those overclocking fans, speed freaks, and benchmark junkies. The popular benchmarking and performance test tool for Android AnTuTu Benchmark has just received a massive update to v3.0 that brings an entire new experience. They've added support for tons of popular devices, improved the user interface, and added more testing options and even a compare tool.

Acer Iconia Tab A220 with Tegra 3 leaks in Glbenchmark

It looks a new Acer tablet is going to hit the market. The leak comes from Glbenchmark, and it seems to confirm the existence of the Acer Iconia Tab A220. Glbenchmark has shown a real knack for finding devices before the manufactures are ready to announce them, so when we see a new device come up with that name attached, we tend to get pretty excited at the possibilities.

Nexus 7 overclocked to 1.64 GHz, destroys benchmarks

Those awesome Android developers never let up when it comes to the cutting edge. Take the Nexus 7 for example. It rocks the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and packs plenty of power. Thanks to a few of our favorite developers and kernel builders we now have it overclocked to nearly 1.7 GHz, and destroying everything on the market in terms of benchmarks. More details to get started yourself below.

Galaxy S III quad-core benchmarks blow us away [Video]

Oh yeah! We couldn't forget benchmarks for the newest superphone flagship from Samsung could we? Now that Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S III with its quad-core Exynos 1.4 GHz processor we decided to run a quick benchmark just for comparison sakes. Once we get our paws on it longer we'll have some in depth results but for now check out the results below.

Sony Xperia P gets benchmarked

The middle child always seems to get the least amount of attention. So it is with Sony's Xperia P: the high-end Xperia S gets the accolades, the tiny Xperia U gets the "aaaaws", but the P is stuck somewhere in between. Well we're not ones to ignore a phone based on its familial issues, and neither is Greek site Digital Life. They've got a hold of the as yet unreleased phone and put it through the standard benchmark paces.

HTC One X Tegra 3 and Snapdragon versions benchmarked

Plenty of US Android fans were somewhat miffed when HTC announced that the AT&T version of the flagship One X would be getting a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, instead of the more flamboyant NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core. As we've seen ourselves when comparing the One X with the smaller One S, the Snapdragon is no slouch. But to finally set the record straight, one YouTube user put both versions of the One X in a head-to-head benchmark battle. The results may surprise you.

Galaxy S III beats all comers in AnTuTu benchmark

With the Samsung "next Galaxy" event fast approaching, news of the impending Galaxy S III is coming in from all over. The latest and certainly most interesting tidbit comes from the AnTuTu benchmark app, which keeps a database of the fastest devices that have used their app and servers. Lo and behold, the Galaxy S III showed up in the results today, smoking every other Android device yet tested. Yup, even the reigning king of processor performance, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

AT&T HTC One X shows its dual-core power in benchmarks

In case you haven't been following along with the HTC One series of smartphones. They have two different models of the new top-tier phone. The HTC One X features a 4.7-inch display and some impressive specs. The difference here is the international model available now (and reviewed here) has the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core, while the AT&T model benchmarked today has a Qualcomm 1.5 GHz dual-core instead. We've tested both platforms already but check out these latest results below.

HTC One X vs One S Benchmarks battle for the top spot

HTC has just unleashed their new One series of smartphones across Europe and will be coming soon to the US. In case you didn't notice there was a flurry of reviews of both the HTC One X and the One S that hit the web earlier this week. You can see our awesome and detailed reviews from the links below but today I wanted to focus on benchmarks. Read on below to see who takes the top spot and is king of the mobile hill.
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