3DMark for Android launches

If you're a fan of benchmarking Android devices so you can compare their performance, the app you have been waiting for is finally available to download. Futuremark has finally made 3DMark available for Android users, so it's time to get that latest kernel and start overclocking. The new version is also available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well.

LG Optimus G2 for T-Mobile spotted with Snapdragon 800 processor

We often see benchmark filings for handsets that are expected, or for those that happened to have been previously rumored. As of today however we have one that appears to be somewhat of a mystery device. The handset is shown as the LG D801 and so far, we have yet to see any images. In fact, aside from a few small details coming from the filing, the LG D801 is mostly a mystery. That said, based on what we have seen -- it is a mystery we are interested in seeing the outcome of.

HTC One benchmarks through the roof – sets the bar high

For those who missed all of the excitement this morning, HTC just announced their brand new smartphone for 2013 that will be arriving on multiple carriers throughout the world. The new HTC One is their flagship product, and is powered by the absolute latest 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 series processor from Qualcomm. Since we haven't seen benchmarks of that processor yet, and the One is brand new, check out the device blasting to the top spot scoring over 12,000 in Quadrant.

3DMark coming soon to Android – One benchmark for all mobile devices

We are no strangers to benchmark apps here at Android Community, as it's one of many different ways we test performance and battery life for powerful smartphones and tablets. One group many might not be as familiar with is FutureMark and their extremely popular PC suite of benchmark apps. Recently they've announced their brand new program simply called 3DMark, and it will be the ultimate cross-platform mobile benchmark application for Android and iOS.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 benchmark filing suggest a MWC announcement

Additional Galaxy Tab 3 details have recently been revealed. These latest are benchmark results and all things considered, it is looking more and more as if Samsung will officially unveil the tablet during Mobile World Congress. These benchmarks are shown as being for the GT-P3200, which is codenamed Santos. Of course, as we have seen in previous leaks, the P3200 is only one of a few possible Galaxy Tab 3 tablet variants.

Samsung Galaxy S IV pops up in NenaMark 2 with underwhelming specs

We've had no shortage of Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors as we barrel toward 2013, and today we've got another one to toss on the pile. Sam Mobile has uncovered NenaMark 2 benchmark results for the Samsung GT-I9400, which is believed to be the next generation Galaxy S handset. That's certainly exciting, but the problem is that the results show some very disappointing specs for a flagship phone releasing in 2013.
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