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Futuremark 3DMark App coming soon to Android, brings benchmarks to a new level

Oh man, this is awesome news for enthusiast and gamers alike in the world of Android. We have many benchmark applications such as Quadrant or CF Bench and what not for Android that tests overall performance but today I've now learned the best of the best in the benchmark business, FutureMark, will be coming soon to Android phones and tablets early 2012. I've used FutureMark 3DMark 06, Vantage and even 11 on my PC for years to test gaming and overall performance and I'm happy to announce this is coming soon for Android.

Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S browser comparison and load times [Video Updated]

The iPhone 4S is finally here and while we don't have a 5 to compare things to, we do have the 4S to throw up against the Samsung Galaxy S II for a few browser load times and overall performance tests as I'm sure plenty are interested in seeing the results. I always told myself I'd never use the word "iPhone" in a title here at Android Community but this isn't about me -- its for you, the readers. A little friendly competition is always nice right? Because where would we all be without it -- probably still using Nokia candy bar phones daily. Enough of that, check out our video below.

Acer Iconia A100 7″ Honeycomb Tab on sale today, we already have Benchmarks

Today is the launch date for the Acer Iconia A100 tablet. For those unfamiliar this is the first Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet to the market in the 7" form factor. Want to see benchmarks? We told you originally it was coming in August and it has finally arrived. It was officially announced this morning and you can get all the details here. Lucky for you we already have one and decided to run a few performance benchmarks to help our readers make up their minds.

Wind River rolls out new Android device testing software

Wind River has a new Android software testing suite that it is talking about. The new test suite allows the testing of Android devices using automation scripts that are able to replicate the things that real world users would do on the device. The goal is to help makers of smartphones provide good user experiences.

Qualcomm Releases Vellamo Benchmark Aimed at Mobile Browser Performance [Hands-On]

We all love benchmarks right? We get a shiny new smartphone or tablet and one of the first things we do is run a few benchmarks for comparison, I do at least. I'm always trying new things and tweaking CPU speeds trying for a high score. Qualcomm has developed a new benchmark system aiming for something entirely different. Its goal is testing mobile web browser performance across the Android platform.

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Mentioned as 1.4GHz Upgrade for iPhone 5 Beatdown

Perhaps you've heard of the most massively powerful out of the box Android device on the market today, the Samsung Galaxy S II? Have a peek at the CF-Bench result of the device as it rests in the hands of our good pal Vince, compare it with the dwarfed results of the rest of the devices back in our original CF-Bench post and you'll see. That said, we've received word that "sources living in Asia" are planning on releasing a new version of the device by the name of Samsung Galaxy II PLUS, this either before or AT the time the device is released here in the United States, all of this to compete directly with the oncoming iPhone 5 from Apple.

CF-Bench Multicore Benchmark Updated to 1.1, Pro Version Added to Market

So you were there yesterday when this multicore capable benchmarking system CF-Bench, aka ChainFire Bench was released, and everyone went crazy with the marking of the benches, right? Well check it out, overnight the folks at CF decided it was time for an update, basically right out the gate. Then they've got a PRO version as well which, as you guessed, gets rid of the advertisement so very prevalent near the top of the results page when you run a benchmark test. And the thing's still under 50 downloads - wacky!

Akvelon Performance management Toolkit is an Android benchmark suite

A company called Akvelon has announced a new Performance Management Toolkit or PMT for Android device testing that allows developers and others to test the real world end-to-end user experience on the mobile device. The PMT is aimed at all sorts of developers that are trying to figure out how apps and other things affect the performance of the Android device. The PMT also allows crowd sourcing of the test process using a customizable solution for server side test scheduling.
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