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Samsung Galaxy S II Being Sold for less than $20 by Bell Canada [Update: It was a Glitch]

Well now I just feel like Canada's making fun of me. The Samsung Galaxy S II may be a few months old to the rest of the world but its still the king of Android phones right now. The super slim Samsung phone was released on Bell Mobility in Canada just over a week ago, and now Bell is offering the king for just $19.95 Candian with a three year contract. Three years is a long time in the smartphone world, but considering Americans still have to shell out upwards of $600 to $700 to import a Galaxy S II, this contract may be worth it.

Samsung Galaxy S II Launching July 21 For Bell in Canada

Oh Canada, today I wish you were MY native land! We reported not long ago that the super slick speedy sexy Samsung Galaxy S II would be arriving in the great white north on no less than 3 carriers this month. Those of you using Bell can now circle your calendars for July 21st. The sheer power and drool worthy stats of the Samsung Galaxy S II are well known at this point. A 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 4.3" Super AMOLED+ screen, and plenty of other more geeky details make it the top of the line. It has been a bit delayed making it out to all corners of the world though. Canada is one of the later countries to be getting the beast, with Bell getting it not too far from 3 months after the initial launch. Here in the U.S. it still isn't official we'll see the phone. With rumors of carriers losing interest and an ongoing lawsuite from Apple trying to block the sale of several Samsung devices in the U.S. it could be awhile. For those in Canada enjoy your awesome new phone at the end of this month. I will continue to begrudge you, while I try and move on and look forward to a new Nexus to distract myself. [via Twitter]

Motorola Atrix coming to Bell Mobility on March 17?

Hands-down the Motorola Atrix was the most impressive cell phone at this year's CES. Being something completely new the table, the game-changing phone has been the talk of the internet. However, we still do not know officially when we will see the device. But, according to a leaked slide, Bell Mobility may launch the device on March 17th.

Bell Mobility Motorola ATRIX 4G incoming

Canadian carrier Bell Mobility has announced that it too will be offering the Motorola ATRIX 4G, with the Tegra 2 powered Android 2.2 superphone headed to the network in the coming months. As with AT&T, Bell will offer not only the ATRIX 4G but the pair of accessory docks: the HD Multimedia Dock and the Webtop laptop dock. Pricing for the Bell ATRIX 4G is yet to be announced. [via SlashGear]

Samsung Galaxy Tab for Bell Now Available, Costs $599.95

Samsung is still on a roll with the release dates for their tablet device, the Galaxy Tab. While it's interesting enough to see where the tablet will pop up next, half of the fun comes in the fact that it looks like carriers are perfectly complacent pricing the device however they see fit. For example, Bell Mobility is the next carrier to launch the device, and they are doing some pretty interesting things with the pricing.

Samsung Captivate and Vibrant Launching on Rogers and Bell Respectively

No surprises here, folks. Though, it is a bit strange to see that the Captivate and Vibrant are the options being sent up to the Great North, and not the international version of the Galaxy S. It must have something to do with the 3G bands, and how they don't have to work too hard to make them work on the Northern wireless carriers. In any event, both the Vibrant and Captivate are making their way up to Canada -- this month.

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is Coming to Canada Thanks to Bell

Good news for Canadian folk. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant is going to be there some time soon. Now, for those Canadian Android fans, you all don't have to worry about unlocking and paying with lots of money just to get your hand on this phone. Bell Mobility will be carrying this 4.0-inch WVGA (480 x 800)SUPER AMOLED mDNIe(Mobile Digital Natural Image engine).