Protect and charge with Belkin Travel Rockstar Battery Pack

Battery problems are probably one of the things in common that mobile users have, regardless of platform or device. Until OEMs finally discover the holy grail of keeping our devices charged sufficiently, without sacrificing our actual usage of said device, then we’d have to rely on battery packs, extended batteries, mobile chargers, and all other gadgets they will be able to invent. One new player in the market from Belkin calls itself a 3-in-1 rockstar, but let’s see if we’ll be fans.

WeMo app update adds IFTTT support for LED bulbs

Your dream of a smart home is slowly becoming a reality. It may still be far in the future but at least we can have an initial experience with smartphone-controlled light bulbs. A couple of years ago, we saw the Belkin WeMo light switch with proper Android device support. Since then, more WeMo app updates have been released to better improve smart lightbulb management--the latest of which is IFTTT compatibility to the WeMo LED bulbs.

Belkin, Logitech release accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Just a day after Samsung unveiled their top-of-the-line tablets, the Galaxy Tab S, gadget accessory manufacturers Belkin and Logitech are already leveraging on the new Samsung tablets by selling their own accessories for these. The Galaxy Tab S comes in two variants, the 10.5-inch and the 8.4-inch, and also come with their own premium accessories, but Belkin and Logitech it seems were fastest to the trigger in putting out their own accessories for Samsung’s new tablet line.