Belkin WeMo

WeMo app update adds IFTTT support for LED bulbs

Your dream of a smart home is slowly becoming a reality. It may still be far in the future but at least we can have an initial experience with smartphone-controlled light bulbs. A couple of years ago, we saw the Belkin WeMo light switch with proper Android device support. Since then, more WeMo app updates have been released to better improve smart lightbulb management--the latest of which is IFTTT compatibility to the WeMo LED bulbs.

Belkin WeMo Light Switch arrives with proper Android device support

Belkin has the WeMo line of home automation products and back in January they added to that lineup with the introduction of a smartphone-controlled light switch. That particular item was simply called the WeMo Light Switch, however a bit more important for Android users was the announcement of support. Belkin ended up releasing an Android app in February, though it was for a limited few handsets and considered beta.