HTC One Max appears again in a series of photos

If all goes well, we might see HTC finally pull off the veil from the HTC One Max this week, which should finally put to rest all rumors of what the phablet will or will not have. But in the meantime, there's still plenty of room for some leaks like these bunch of photos showing off HTC's giant of a smartphone.

HTC One Max tipped to arrive with Beats Audio

Despite the recent break between HTC and Beats Electronics, it seems as if the yet to be announced HTC One Max will include Beats Audio. The details are coming by way of Luke Wood, president and chief operating officer at Beats Electronics who was recently interviewed by Stuff. During that interview Mr. Wood spoke about an upcoming "large-format device" from HTC.

HTC and Beats officially part ways

There had been some talk back in August about how Beats Electronics was looking to get the remaining 25 percent stake still held by HTC. That discussion popped up in mid-August and while the details seemed solid at the time, the talk went quiet. But while the talk may have gone quiet, it looks like the two companies were in discussion and as of today HTC has announced they have sold their remaining stake in Beats Electronics.

Beats Electronics looking to step away from HTC

The HTC and Beats Electronics LLC partnership may soon be coming to an end. The details have yet to be officially announced by either company, however a recent report coming from The Wall Street Journal is talking about how Beats are looking to not only make the split from HTC, but also take on a new investor to push forward with some growth. Simply put, it looks like Beats is making moves to take back the 25 percent stake currently being held by HTC.

Beats Electronics drops details on Project Daisy music streaming service

Coming off previous reports of a music streaming service from Beats Electronics, we now have some official details. Specifically, the company has announced Project Daisy and while some of the finer points are still missing, we are getting a look at what we can expect. Details coming from Beats Electronics brings talk of a $60 million dollar investment and some of the names that will be backing the project.

HTC turns down the music, gives back half of Beats Audio shares

HTC has turned down the music in what appears to be a scale back of their plans with the music company Beats Audio. I'd be lying if I said I was surprised, as I wasn't too sold on the idea to begin with. In what HTC is calling “a realignment of their business agreement” they've sold 25% of their 51% stake back to Beats, and now is no longer the majority stockholder.

HTC probably won’t include Beats headphones with future smartphones

If you're a big fan of Beats headphones, turn down your bass and listen for a minute. Though HTC has been making a lot of its investment and partnership with the Beats by Dr. Dre brand, it looks like they're going to be scaling back a bit, at least as far as pack-ins are concerned. That means no free Beats headphones with HTC smartphones, at least for the immediate future. HTC told Cnet that its research suggested that the headphones included with phone  like the HTC Sensation XL and Verizon's Rezound weren't a significant factor in their buying decisions, making it a fiscally responsible decision to do without them.
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