BBM for Android available globally September 21st

This afternoon we finally have an official release date from Blackberry regarding their popular BBM for Android. After countless leaks, fakes in the Google Play Store, and more, they've just confirmed all the details this afternoon. BBM for Android will be available globally for everyone (no exclusives) starting September 21st in the Google Play Store, then launch for iOS on the 22nd.

BBM for Android again tipped for release this Friday

The BBM release date rumors continue. At this point it seems likely they will continue right up until the time the app lands in the Play Store. Before that happens though, it looks like we have another post dealing with the potential release date. This latest comes by way of the Indonesian language TecknoUp who have recently shared what appears to be an invite to a BBM launch event.

BBM for Android leaked before release, doesn’t work yet

We're getting pretty close to what many would consider "the end of summer" which is when Blackberry Messenger for Android is set to finally be released. However for those who'd rather not wait this weekend the app has leaked in the flesh and is available for download as we speak. If all those leaks didn't convince you it was coming soon, this should do the trick.

BlackBerry tipped to turn BBM into its own company

We know the once popular smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry is struggling these days, and have heard multiple reports of possible buyouts from all different angles. A new report today however is taking a different approach where they could start to split things up. Most notably is BlackBerry Messenger, known as BBM, which for some reason is still extremely popular and even coming soon to Android.
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