The HTC Rezound’s 2750 mAh extended battery is massive

LTE uses a lot of juice - there's just no way around that at present. So it's always nice to see a manufacturer embrace that truth and offer a first-party battery for reliable and worry-free extended use. That said - wow. The extended battery for the brand-new HTC Rezound is gigantic. HTCpedia got their hands on one and took the following photo, next to the standard battery:

DROID RAZR Battery is removable, If you dare

When the new Motorola DROID RAZR was first announced we all quickly learned that the battery was not removable. The back of the device was attached for good, making users unable to remove or swap the battery should they choose. This isn't a huge issue but many weren't happy to hear the news. Not to mention the modding and dev community relies on battery pulls somewhat often -- I've had a few of those moments myself. Lucky for us a loyal reader has just received his shiny new DROID RAZR and tore it down himself to find that the back actually does come off, it just takes a little effort.

PowerSkin debuts battery case for HTC Amaze 4G

Over the last few months, there have been several expanded batteries launch for Android smartphones. These batteries will give the phones they fit about twice the run time with the downside of making the device much fatter and ensuring no cases will fit. PowerSkin has the solution for the person looking for more run time from the HTC Amaze 4G and not wanting a fat battery.

‘Battery Upgrade’ malware shows users how to make their phone vulnerable

Is anybody feeling some 90s nostalgia right about now? It seems like hardly a day goes by where we don't hear about some sneaky new way for hackers and identity thieves to compromise incautious Android users' phones. The latest is a "battery manager" app that not only compromises your data, but gives you a quick lesson on how to open up the "unknown sources" app install method your phone for easy exploitation. Once installed the app steals your phone number, email address, unique IMEI code and other personal information.

Mugen Power battery crams 237% more power into Mytouch 4G Slide

Late last month Mugen power unveiled a new expanded capacity battery for the HTC Sensation 4G that doubled the battery life. Mugen Power is back with another extended life battery for Android fans and this time the battery is for the HTC Mytouch 4G Slide. The new extended life battery that MP offers is called the HLI-PG59100XL and it includes the battery door you need to install the battery into the smartphone.

HTC Sensation 4G gets twice the battery life with Mugen Power

The HTC Sensation smartphone has been around for a while now. We reviewed the smartphone back in May when it first launched. If you use the Sensation and would like to have more run time, you can get a LOT more battery life if you swap the battery inside your device with a new offering from Mugen Power. Mugen Power has a new battery for the HTC Sensation that is available now.

PowerSkin for HTC Sensation 4G and ThunderBolt Review [Video]

For those of you wishing to get a whole heck of a lot of battery life out of their smartphones, your time has arrived. If there's one system that's working right now that, besides is obvious added bulk, will make your smartphone into a easy day's worth of workhorse at least, that being PowerSkin rubberized case and smartphone battery charger attachment. What PowerSkin offers you is a bit of protection and one whole heck of a lot of additional battery power in the form of a constant charger. You plug the microUSB in the slot, slip the smartphone in the skin/case, and you're on your way. You're able to go about your day as per normal then, charging the charger and the device up with a new port that you'll see coming out the side of the charger, and a powering you shall go!

Samsung Galaxy S II 2000mAh Extended Battery Revealed

As you may already know, the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S II, through some excellence in the hardware in the phone, awesomeness in the way the battery is connected to the device, or magic, is a totally awesome performer. The Samsung Galaxy S II lasts two full days according to Chris Davies original review. What you're going to get here is a 2000 mAh battery and new battery cover so that you can replace your current 1650 mAh battery and get even MORE time out of your best-selling Android device. Mister xeq544 over at XDA has the first one we've seen, straight outta Euro.

Motorola DROID Bionic Battery Life Photos Leak, Looks Decent

Since we still have not seen the actual size of the battery that will come in the Droid Bionic, or how long it will actually last this will do. Someone has been nice enough to leak more than a few photos showing the Bionic on both 4G LTE and 3G at different levels of battery life. While these first pictures look good, they are a little deceiving to say the least.
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