Solid-state electrolytes could improve battery technology

Let's talk batteries. You know those parts of gadgets and electronics that give them power or electricity are always important. You can have all those premium specs on a device but without any reliable battery, it's good as nothing. Today, the bigger the battery is inside a phone, it usually means better or longer battery life. There's also the issue that phone batteries must be removable so they can easily be replaced.

Galaxy Note 5’s smaller batt offers great battery life, quick charging time

The Galaxy Note 5 is out. Hooray! Fans who've been waiting for the next Note phablet was happy to know that most of the leaks and rumors we've seen the past few weeks turned out to be true. Not that anything was a surprise but it feels good to know that dreams really do come true. Okay, enough of the geeky drama. The new Note is here for us to enjoy and criticize and maybe in the next few days, watch as a latest subject of brutal drop tests. I'm not looking forward to stress tests but we have to know if the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ can live up to the many promises by the South Korean giant.

Researchers say “yolk and shell” can save rechargeable batteries

Okay, before you go and soak your rechargeable batteries into tubs of egg yolk, you better read this article first. While batteries are of course a very crucial part of our enjoyment of our digital devices, the constant charging and discharging leads to deterioration over time. But scientists and researchers from Tsinghua University and MIT may have just discovered the solution to this problem: applying the “yolk and shell” principle may just save our dischargeable batteries.

DU Battery Saver Review: Feature-filled life saver

Gone are the days when you'd be worried about whether your smartphone or tablet can run an app or game. These days, you're more worried about whether your devices will last long enough for you to get home and plug in. Battery technology hasn't exactly progressed by leaps and bounds unlike other smartphone components. And, aside from hoping for bigger batteries or using power packs in an emergency, users are left with no other option than to make sure that their devices aren't consuming more power than absolutely necessary. Luckily for us, Baidu's got our backs with DU Battery Saver.

Oukitel K10000 images leaked, brace yourself for its 10,000 mAh battery

While big tech companies are trying to put 4000 mAh batteries in their latest smartphones, an obscure brand named Oukitel is preparing a model packed with some 10,000 mAh battery. That's more than twice than the large battery already found in the Lenovo P70, Acer Liquid X2, or the ASUS ZenFone 2 4GB RAM, and the Cyanogen-powered ZUK Z1 with its 4xxx mAh battery. And oh, who could forget the Gionee Marathon M3 boasting a 5,000 mAh battery.

LG Chem intros new Hexagon battery for smartwatches

After South Korean giant Samsung announcing that it's working on a new battery technology with double capacity, here comes its rival LG also with a new battery technology. This time though, LG Chem's offering is a smaller battery that is ideal to be used on future smartwatches. This is LG's entry into the relatively new industry of small batteries for wearables.
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