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ZeroLemon Galaxy S6 battery case is here to protect and serve [DEALS]

The Galaxy S6 might be a work of art, but Samsung sacrificed something when it switched to an all metal unibody design: a replaceable battery. Given the hunger for power many high end smartphones have these days, that almost seems like a liability. Luckily, ZeroLemon has your back. The ZeroLemoon Galaxy S6 3500 mAh battery case not only protects your precious smartphone, it also juices it up in a pinch. In fact, since its own battery itself is removable, it can power up other devices as well.

Logitech Protection Plus for Galaxy S5 gets official

Logitech has rolled out a new smartphone accessory called the Logitech protection [+] case. The device is a protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone that is ruggedized to survive drops and bumps. Inside the protective case is a rechargeable battery to keep your smartphone running longer.

mophie announces mobile battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5

With the demand for different solutions to prolong the battery life of smartphones and tablets, things like mobile chargers, power banks, and mobile battery cases will continue to come up with various products for all kinds of devices. mophie, which claims to be the top mobile battery manufacturer in North America at least, has announced that it now has a juice pack specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus accessories: extended battery and charger hands-on

Smartphones still aren't most the power efficient of gadgets, and LTE radios gobble up battery power even faster. Though the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus already features a larger battery than its HSPA+ brother, no doubt a few of you will already have your new phones begging for more juice long before the day's over. Enter Samsung's extended battery, which give the Galaxy Nexus a slightly extended 2100mAh of power. That's an increase of 250mAh - not a gigantic addition, but it's also not going to give your new phone a tumor on its back.