Paperlinks business-friendly QR code service hits Android

Paperlinks, the popular business-friendly QC code scanner and generator has just landed on the Android Market. Starting today users can download this free app and have complete access to multiple types of QR code services. Another unique offering with Paperlinks is the inclusion of NFC support for Android.

Android Code Scanning How-To [This is how we do it]

Like Montell Jordan would, we're about to tell you how to do what you came to do. What you'd like to know how to do is scan those square jumbles of pixels you're seeing everywhere, those "codes" the sites keep telling you to scan with your Android phone. What the heck is going on there? This is what's going on there: it's a QR-Code, and all you need to scan it is one singular app called Barcode Scanner. This app is totally free and works super slick.

ScanLife makes shopping easier by scanning bar codes for you

I would bet that most of us have been at the store standing on an aisle wondering which product we should buy. With so many products that do the same thing making an informed decision can be hard. You can whip out your mobile phone and run a search for the product you are interested in, but sometimes finding that product can be a challenge. An app like ScanLife can make getting product information as easy as snapping a pic of the barcode.

Google Goggles updated now features language translation

The best part about this update is it’s available for 1.6 and up phones. I know there are a few of you still stuck on 1.5 but this does reach more users then some of the newer apps that are only compatible with 2.0 and up devices. With that being said, it’s good to see that Google is making a concerned effort to make their Android apps as good as possible. They are even keeping their mobile sites updated for Android devices.