Carbon hands-on: Android’s missing backup solution

Carbon has finally arrived in the Google Play Store, ending beta testing and offering up two versions for Android users to download. Carbon is an app that can back up your data to an SD card, your PC, or the cloud, and it's a release that Android users have been waiting quite some time for. Users will have their pick from free and premium versions, with the free version obviously coming with some restricted functionality.

Carbon backup beta released with support for Android 4.0 or later

Android users now have another option when it comes to backing up their devices. Though, before everyone gets super excited, we should warn you right up front that this app is still in beta and at the moment -- it requires root. The app is called Carbon, and the nice part here, the final version will not require root.

Clickfree Mobile Backup now available for Android

Our smartphones are getting more and more complex. With hundreds and sometimes thousands of pictures, tons of video, bookmarks, contacts and even full documents. While the Android developer community has multiple backup tools, what about regular users? For those looking for a a dead simple way to automatically backup everything on your phone, we have the app for you. sync service shutting down – backup your data now

The sky is falling! Mayans predicted it! It's the end of the world as we know it! Well, nothing so dramatic - but if you rely on HTC's Sense service to back up your phone's data, it might as well be. The website is receiving a major overhaul soon, and aparently it's big enough that they need to scrap just about everything they've built up so far. That means that on April 30th, all the personal data that HTC has saved for backups and emergencies will be wiped clean.

MobileGo v1 will get your contacts and more to your Android device with one click

If you are migrating to a new Android tablet or smartphone from an older device running Symbian users of devices from Nokia and other providers will be able to shoot their contacts and other phone data over to their new Android device using a new app. The new app will also allow the conversion of music and video files to a format that will play on the new Android device and lots more.

Copy Angry Birds progress to multiple devices without root & for free

What I have for you today is a little treat for all you Angry Birds fanatics out there. I know there is plenty of you. Even if you don't admit it we know you play it while your bored at work, daily. I've looked into this myself and didn't know it was possible, but we now have a way to backup your game saves and progress on all 3 versions of Angry Birds. Regular version, seasons, and Rio. So now keep your progress on your G1, Thunderbolt, and on your Motorola Xoom (or whatever devices you own) so you never have to replay all the levels unless you want to of course.

Dropbox Android app gets detailed

We already knew Dropbox were thinking of Android as the target for their next mobile client, but the company has now released screenshots of exactly what it is they're working on.  The Android Dropbox app - which they say will be released in a few months time - will allow two-way access to files stored in your cloud-based Dropbox account. Dropbox is a file storage and sync service, which creates an active folder on your various PCs and Macs and syncs any files placed in that folder across the multiple machines.  That way, you can always be sure of accessing not only the file you're looking for, no matter what computer you're using, but the latest version too.  Both free (storage limited) and paid accounts are available. The Dropbox Android app will allow users to access their files and stream music from their Dropbox folder, edit documents (device capabilities depending) and sync the changes back, and add files to a Favorites folder for offline viewing.  There'll also be integration with Android's share functionality, so you can easily add audio, photos or video to Dropbox and share links to files in the active folder.  Dropbox reckon the app will be available "for all flavors of Android" in the next couple of months. [gallery]
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