Automatic driving assistant arrives for Android

The Automatic Link is touted as a "Smart Driving Assistant" but given support had been limited to iOS, it may not have been on the radar of many Android users. The good news is that has changed as of today. The Automatic app has landed in the Google Play Store ready for Android users looking to connect a little closer with their car.

Auto Finder app automatically marks where you park

Sometimes it is the simpler apps, or in this case, the app you almost don't even have to touch in order to benefit. This particular app is called Auto Finder, and it has arrived in the Play Store with promise of helping you "never forget where you parked again." The key here, Auto Finder does this automatically.

Mercedes says Android will be in their cars when Google has it ready

Google’s Open Automotive Alliance promises big things for your drive. In an attempt to make vehicle entertainment and navigation open source, Google wants to bring a little Android flair to the automobile. Mercedes, in announcing a rival OS for their new C-Class, had something to say about the OAA initiative.

Motorola patent shows their ‘connected car’ ambitions

With the sea change for the ‘Internet of Things’ comes innovation. Though we’re still finding our way with the connected home, Motorola is taking their mindshare elsewhere. In a recently filed patent, we see that their 'Assist' app isn’t the only way Motorola wants to be involved in your commute.

Google and Apple tug of war to extend to cars

The rivalry between tech giants Google and Apple is starting to leak out beyond the usual smartphone and tablet battlefield. At the Consumer Electronics Show next year, both companies are expected to showcase technologies that integrate with hi-tech automobiles from some of the world's leading car makers.

Nexus 7 taken in-car for music, navigation and telephone calls

There are plenty of options to consider when it comes to using an Android tablet in a car. For many it seems a popular choice is the Nexus 7 and in fact we have been seeing these types of setups since the tablet was originally announced back in the summer of 2012. Some of the initial points to consider will likely be whether this tablet will be mounted in-dash or on a dock and how the power and stereo connections will be made.
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