AT&T Digital Life home automation system launches in select markets

AT&T has officially launched their Digital Life home management and automation system today. This initial launch will bring support for select markets and with features that touch on everything from security to remote access. The Digital Life setup will allow users to do things such as remotely unlock a door, turn on a light and adjust the thermostat from their Android running smartphone or tablet.

Belkin WeMo Beta app released for the Galaxy S III

Belkin announced they had an Android app in the works back in January during CES. At the time they had said the app would arrive in February and that it would be available for select devices. Well, the app has officially landed in the Google Play Store. The app is dubbed the "WeMo Beta for Galaxy SIII" and as the name would imply, it has been released in beta form and with support for just one device.

Silence for Android goes 2.0 and we go hands-on

Silence for Android has recently been updated. For those unfamiliar, Silence is an app that will allow you to automate certain processes. I have been using Silence for a while now and was happy to see that the app has been updated. But more important, that this update arrived as more than a small bug fixer and instead brought some new features -- including one that will make it a bit easier and a bit quicker to set a schedule based on your calendar.

Tasker beta reveals cleaner looking UI

While Tasker has been a pretty great app in terms of function, the same was not able to be said about the look and feel. Simply put, Tasker is powerful, but not all that pretty to look at. That being said, while the Google Play Store version will still maintain the same look and feel, there is a new version in the works. And for those who are curious, the updated version of Tasker can be downloaded in beta form.

Automate your life with on{X} – a new app by Microsoft

Yup, that's actually the real name for Microsoft's latest Android application. It's called on{X} and is basically what Motorola calls smart actions, or what Android enthusiasts know as Tasker. This app will help you set rules or actions that are then activated based on location, date, or time. Why Microsoft has released an Android only app is still puzzling me, but lets take a look.
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