Control your Android device via Windows 10’s Cortana

It’s just been a few days since Microsoft’s Windows 10 officially launched into the world and already, we have developers integrating Cortana – Windows 10’s voice assistant – with Android. The hardcore Android tweakers will already know all about Tasker – that app that gives you seemingly unlimited automation option son your Android device. This tweak allows Cortana to play nice with AutoVoice, a Tasker plugin, so that you can give voice commands to your Android device while using your Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

Device automation made easy with Droid Automation, MacroDroid

One of the nice things about tweaking your Android device is the possibility of a very high level of automation – this is because one can actually put your device’s sensors to task and depending on any combination of circumstances, automation apps can ask the operating system to automatically apply specific profiles and settings. We look at two of those automation apps in Droid Automation and MacroDroid.

AutoInput plugin automates almost any app, no root needed

Let us bottom-line this for all of you out there – if you’re wondering what’s so amazing about the Android OS (and ecosystem), it is because of rockstar developers like “joaomgcd” who developed a lot of the AutoApps plugins for Tasker like AutoVoice, AutoRemote, and AutoNotification. He’s back with a new one – AutoInput – which is another Tasker plugin that will allow you to automate clicking on app buttons and typing text on input fields.

Android Wear can light lamps and make you popcorn

OK, so maybe it won't directly make you some movie time chow, but your Android Wear watch smartwatch can at least turn on the popcorn maker to start the process. In fact, it can turn on and off almost any smart appliance, taking the new generation of smartwatches beyond the simple notification mirroring that Google has so far been demonstrating.

Honeywell Lyric puts a twist on the smart thermostat

Home automation is becoming more accessible and affordable, and Honeywell, who has been in that business for quite some time now, wants to still be a part of that. The Honeywell Lyric is its latest contender in that arena, shedding of the cold, hard-edged design of the past and adopting a more pleasing and familiar curve.

LG Smart Lamp brings a little intelligence to bulbs

LG has just revealed one of its little incursions into the smart home territory. Unveiling what it simply calls the Smart Lamp, these Bluetooth-enabled bulbs are designed to give a touch of automation and tech savvy into homes without the need to replace existing bulb fixtures.
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