LG Smart Lamp brings a little intelligence to bulbs

LG has just revealed one of its little incursions into the smart home territory. Unveiling what it simply calls the Smart Lamp, these Bluetooth-enabled bulbs are designed to give a touch of automation and tech savvy into homes without the need to replace existing bulb fixtures.

LG G2 screen brightness can be wonky, give Lux Auto Brightness a try

The brand new LG G2 smartphone sure is impressive. We loved nearly everything about the 5.2-inch quad-core flagship smartphone in our full G2 Review. However, one area that always seemed to bother us was the screen brightness, and thanks to several comments and XDA threads, we know we're not alone. Thankfully there's many custom apps in the Play Store to fix this, so we figured we'd mention one.

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt pre-orders begin today

It is looking like Android users may soon have another option when it comes to ditching the front-door key. Kwikset has announced that pre-orders are beginning today (July 30th) for the Kevo deadbolt. This is a Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt and it brings the promise of being "intelligent enough to communicate with a smartphone and unlock with a simple touch."

Belkin WeMo Light Switch arrives with proper Android device support

Belkin has the WeMo line of home automation products and back in January they added to that lineup with the introduction of a smartphone-controlled light switch. That particular item was simply called the WeMo Light Switch, however a bit more important for Android users was the announcement of support. Belkin ended up releasing an Android app in February, though it was for a limited few handsets and considered beta.

Samsung and HTC tease ZigBee home automation support

Home automation seems to be a growing topic these days. There are some available third-party options that are able to be controlled using your smartphone or tablet, however it looks like Samsung and HTC may be working on something with ZigBee. The ZigBee Alliance has a standard set of protocols and they include being able to control items such as switches, lights and heating controls.
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