Australia gets Androidland, we get green with envy

It's been hard to be a down under Android fan lately, what with Apple's relentless hounding of Samsung design patents bouncing up and down the judiciary ladder. But there's at least one perk: wireless carrier Telstra has created the first Android-themed retail store, Androidland in Melbourne. Naturally various Android phones and tablets are on display, but more interesting is the Android marketing that positively saturates the space. And of course, there's nary an iProduct in sight.

Aussie judge calls Apple a monopoly in Samsung Galaxy Tab case

Australia is a beachhead for Apple's worldwide crusade against Android in general, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in particular. Apple's lawyers scored a major victory earlier this year when a sales ban injunction was granted, essentially making Samsung's tablet illegal to sell in the entire country. Naturally Samsung appealed the case, and at least one of the three appeals judges seems to be sympathetic, labeling Apple's iPad market share as a monopoly.

Apple beats Australian retailers into submission over Galaxy Tab sales

A while back we told you about independent Australian retailers refusing to honor the ruling from Apple's civil case against Samsung. A small number of independent shops and websites skirted the sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 by importing them directly from China without buying them from Samsung first. Well it looks like Apple's legal reach (not to mention gall) knows no bounds: the company has halted sales at all but one of the "rogue" retailers, in some cases using threatening letters to convince them of their position.

Apple’s win in Australia could shut down Android competition for good

Google has steadily argues that Apple's patent fight with Samsung isn't about intellectual property, it's about shutting down the competition. Apple's injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was upheld in Australia today, and if other courts see this as precedent, that very well could happen. The patents in question are so far-reaching that, in Australia at least, the ruling could prevent any other Android tablets from being sold.

Samsung Galaxy Note coming to Australia in early 2012

While the land down under isn't getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 any time soon, Australian citizens can be glad that they're getting the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note. Early tomorrow (or in U.S. terms, late tonight) Samsung announced plans to distribute the jumbo smartphone there in "early 2012." Australia is only the second market confirmed to get the flagship device.

Samsung i5510 Coming to Australia via Telstra

According to some sources close to the matter, Telstra will be the carrier launching the Samsung i5510 in Australia. This mid-range Android smart phone will be a perfect device for those that desire a phone with a keyboard for easy text messaging.
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