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Niantic Labs drops Ingress invitation requirement

Google may have already dropped the mention of beta from the Ingress Play Store listing, however it looks like the game still has a few weeks before the beta officially ends. Niantic Labs has announced that Ingress will exit beta on December 14, 2013. This date coincides with the conclusion of the 9-week, 39-city global event that is called Operation #13MAGNUS.

Ingress augmented reality game now open to all

It has been a long time coming but it has finally happened. Niantic has, without much fuss or fanfare, silently removed the "closed beta" tag on its popular AR game. This means that anyone can now dive into the mysterious world of Ingress without the need for invitations.

Ingress update rolls out to agents, new achievement profile unlocked

The developers behind the popular yet also mysterious geolocation-based game Ingress has just announced an update to their Android app that will provide its Agents, what the game calls its players, not only bug fixes and improvements for a smoother experience, but also a new feature that will let them analyze the abilities of other Agents.

Layar update brings redesigned mobile app and website

The Layar app has been around for sometime now, however that same app has recently gotten a new look. In fact, the folks at Layar have announced a new look all around. Layar users will likely notice a new look and feel for the Android app as well as on the Layar website and even with the company logo. And aside from the new look and feel, there were also some improvements and changes within the app itself.

IKEA Catalog app lets you try out furniture in your own house

Anyone who has had to go through buying new furniture knows how stressful it sometimes is to choose the right one. From checking that measurements are correct to making sure that it matches your other stuff, there are just so many things that could go wrong. IKEA wants to help make that process easier by allowing its customers to try out furniture from its catalog right in their own homes, virtually.

Google Glass augmented reality demoed by OpenGlass project

A team of Google Glass developers, Brandyn White and Andrew Miller have recently revealed an augmented reality setup for Glass. The team has included a practical real-world demo and they also released the code into the OpenGlass project. Perhaps more interesting with this setup though, this complies with the current rules surrounding Google's Mirror API.

Ingress update brings inventory sorting and high res phone support

Round up your inventory Ingress players, because today Google and Niantic Labs just released a pretty big update for the augmented reality game. The still in a closed-beta game has a huge following, even though it drains your battery thanks to the ongoing GPS needs, but it's quite fun. Today the game received tons of improvements, fancy animations, and much more.
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