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Motorcycle helmets get smarter with Skully AR-1

As you cruise down the highway on your motorcycle, haven’t you ever wished that you could check out maps and important information without having to pull over to the side of the road and read an actual map or check your smartphone? Well, “the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet”, the Skully AR-1 is about to become a reality, bringing you a heads-up display (HUD), GPS navigation and a rearview camera to help you become more aware of your surroundings.

Layar augmented reality app arrives for Google Glass

Layar has arrived for Google Glass. The app, simply called Layar for Glass is available by way of the Layar website. The release means another augmented reality view for Glass users and in the case of Layar, that will mean using the command; "Ok Glass, scan this" to get started.

Ingress gets two new gameplay features

Ingress Agents, you’ve got work to do. With the #Recursion series, two new gameplay features are being rolled out. There are more artifacts to grab, and a mini game designed to give improved portal hacking abilities. More mystery, more intrigue, and a deeper gameplay.

Lumus DK-40 wearable glasses teased

Wearables seem to be a growing trend lately. But within the space there are different options. There are fitness trackers and smartwatches as well as glasses. The big name in the glass space is Google, with Glass. But there are others such as Vuzix who recently began accepting pre-orders for the M100 from non-developers. While those are two examples, we also have Lumus.

Niantic Labs drops Ingress invitation requirement

Google may have already dropped the mention of beta from the Ingress Play Store listing, however it looks like the game still has a few weeks before the beta officially ends. Niantic Labs has announced that Ingress will exit beta on December 14, 2013. This date coincides with the conclusion of the 9-week, 39-city global event that is called Operation #13MAGNUS.

Ingress augmented reality game now open to all

It has been a long time coming but it has finally happened. Niantic has, without much fuss or fanfare, silently removed the "closed beta" tag on its popular AR game. This means that anyone can now dive into the mysterious world of Ingress without the need for invitations.
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