Dolby Atmos surround sound coming to mobile devices soon

Proving that they're still kings of sound, Dolby has promised to bring its brand new Atmos sound technology to smartphones and tablets as early as the end of this year. Soon mobile device users will be able enjoy the same surround sound feeling without having to leave the comfort of wherever they currently are.

THX Tune-Up app arrives for Android

THX Ltd. has released their tune-up app for Android users. The app arrived in the Play Store this morning and is listed as THX Tune-Up. The tune-up app is touted as being easy to use and interactive. Perhaps key here, THX Tune-Up will allow users to adjust their television, projector and speakers for the best setup and best performance.

Shazam gets updated to version 4.0 with a brand new look

The extremely popular music tagging and recognition service Shazam just received a massive update on the Google Play Store. Their Android app has always been a bit lacking, especially considering SoundHound has a pretty stellar app themselves. Well, Shazam just got a lot better today although there doesn't appear to be any new features.

Samsung names Wolfson as primary audio partner for Galaxy devices

Samsung appears to have made a more formal commitment with Wolfson Microelectronics. In fact, they have recently named Wolfson as a primary audio partner. This move will touch on upcoming Galaxy branded devices to include both smartphones and tablets. The more formal part of this agreement comes in because this is not the first time Samsung has used Wolfson technology in a Galaxy device.

TuneIn Radio app gets updated with new features

Fans of the radio music streaming app TuneIn Radio should be glad to hear that the application has been updated. The new updates promise to make it easier for users to discover new music. One of the new features of the app is called TuneIn Live and is accessed through a new tab on the home page of the app.

HTC One “dual-membrane” microphones should improve audio recording quality

HTC has recently offered a bit of additional detail on Boom Sound, a feature that can be found in the recently announced One smartphone. The company is saying that users will be able to capture distortion free audio recordings thanks to the built-in "dual-membrane" microphones. HTC is using the example of being able to get a better than average recording while sitting in the best seat in the house at a concert or while sitting in the back of a classroom setting.

Google Glass bone conduction technology referenced in FCC filing

As if Google Glass wasn't already cool enough, today we're finding out that it feature bone conduction technology. The glasses recently made an appearance at the FCC, and the filing for the project mentions "integral vibrating element that provides audio to the user via contact with the user's head." Of course, Google recently filed a patent for glasses that feature the tech, so it seems that bone conduction will definitely be a part of Project Glass.
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