Android 2.3 Gingerbread Release for Galaxy Tab, Vibrant, Incredible S, Desire Z, ATRIX

You're gonna love this - a leak has come through on Bell for the update dates (in general) for Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the following devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab (original), Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant), HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire Z, and Motorola ATRIX. Each of these devices will be upgraded to the newest Android system in turn, all of them coming out inside the next few months this summer, 2011. Would you like to know more? Heck yes, cookies!

Update Atrix to Gingerbread, Get an Unlocked Bootloader

One more step, just one more step is all you need, and Motorola's claims to be moving toward an unlocked bootloader environment for all of their devices will become a reality for you. The folks over at BriefMobile have discovered a way to access an utterly excellent situation for your hacking delight - after you've got one of the leaked early builds of Gingerbread, that being Android 2.3.3 for the Motorola Atrix 4G, all you'll have to do is jam the traditional command “fastboot oem unlock" and BAM!

Amazon beats Verizon, drops Droid Charge to $199

If you haven't already ordered the amazing and blazing fast Droid Charge you might want to keep reading. Amazon has done what they've done many times in the past and are offering a lower price than Verizon Wireless for the brand spanking new Samsung Droid Charge. When pricing first leaked the Droid Charge was listed as $299 with a new 2 year contract when the pricing has usually been $199 for smartphones. Verizon stuck with that price for some reason, but Amazon is here to save the day.

Motorola says more Atrix-style laptop docks will be offered in future

The Motorola Atrix smartphone is a very cool device and one of the better Android smartphones on the market today. One of the things that makes the Atrix so cool is that the smartphone has that awesome laptop dock accessory that turns the smartphone into a fully fledged netbook that you can use for all sorts of work or play. If you want to know more about the Motorola Atrix, you can check out our full review of the smartphone and its accessories here. That cool laptop dock for the Atrix is one of the compelling reasons for some people to buy the smartphone. That said we had mixed feelings about the dock and its functionality in some areas. Motorola has announced that it will be offering more of the laptop docks like the one for the Atrix in the future. We hope that it can make things work a bit better when the future docks finally come to market. Often when companies like Motorola talk about "the future" they are looking far down the road. In this case, Motorola will be launching additional laptop docks in the second half of 2011 according to CEO Sanjay Jha. Jha also noted that the docks would cover an expanded range of devices and price points. Reading between the lines, I would expect a dock that works for just about all the high-end smartphones that is cheaper than the Atrix dock. [via Engadget]

Motorola Atrix update now official

Well that didn't take long. AT&T has announced that the Motorola Atrix update we reported this morning is now official and out of Beta. Not only that, but there's not one, but two updates. Firmware updates 4.1.57 and 4.1.83 offer improved battery life, multimedia with Bluetooth and other headsets, 2G/EDGE mobile hotspot capability, better data speed, Yahoo e-mail over WiFi and numerous other tweeks. The Atrix display will also now turn off while charging from a wall charger.

Motorola Atrix gets an update – unofficially [UPDATED]

UPDATE: AT&T has released it officially and it includes a second update as well. Go here for more information. There's a new update for the Motorola Atrix that's been quietly sitting in Motorola's Software update page. Why hasn't Motorola made it widely known? Apparently, the update, known as 4.1.83, it still in the beta test stage, but there's no stopping users from downloading and installing it anyway. Here's how to get it ...

T-Mobile G2x In-Browser Benchmarks

What you're about to see is a few benchmarks, all of them conducted on the browser-based JavaScript benchmark system SunSpider. Inside the post I'll explain a bit better what SunSpider is for everyone who hasn't seen it before, but what you need to know from here is that we're testing both the stock browser and the newest version of Firefox (4) for Android. What you're going to see is the T-Mobile G2x by LG, the HTC ThunderBolt running on Verizon's LTE network, and the ATRIX 4G running on AT&T's HSPA+ network.

T-Mobile G2x vs HTC ThunderBolt vs ATRIX 4G vs Sidekick [Physical Comparisons]

We had an extra 5 minutes today, believe it or not, so a few photos were indeed fired off. What transpired here was a comparison photo shoot (with a few specs below too, if you'd like,) that compared the T-Mobile G2x to the Sidekick (just for fun,) then to the HTC ThunderBolt and the AT&T ATRIX 4G. Would you like to know which one is the thickest? It's the Sidekick - spoiler! Would you like to know which one looks the most awesome? That's something you're going to have to decide for yourself. This is an odd assortment you're not going to find anywhere else - I guarantee it.

Motorola Atrix goes on sale for less than $50 at Amazon

This weekend, Amazon put the Motorola Atrix on sale for $49.99 with a two year deal. And they were VERY quiet about it too. The sub $50 price tag is the lowest the Atrix has been advertised for to date and shows that Amazon is being pretty aggressive with this Android phone. The sale is still available until midnight tonight, so if you've been wanting to get your this new 4G phone from AT&T, you better hurry, because the clock is ticking.

Motorola Atrix coming to Orange in the UK

Motorola Mobile and Orange UK has announced that the Motorola Atrix is coming to the United Kingdom. The Atrix offers the ability to become the bridge between desktop and mobile computing thanks to the optional Motorola Laptop Dock, which sports an 11.6-inch LCD, full keyboard, track pad and integrated battery. Users simply slide the Atrix into the port in back, and it becomes a notebook, booting into Motorola's Webtop OS. Users can take calls while working, and can disengage the Atrix from the dock to talk without dropping a call. Pretty slick.
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