ASUS PadFone Infinity Lite accidentally exposed [UPDATE]

It seems that ASUS has caught the Samsung fever and seems intent on throwing more models or variants of the same design than you can or care to remember. An errata posted on the company's website revealed the name of a yet unannounced model of its smartphone/tablet hybrid called the PadFone Infinity Lite.

ASUS Chromebox availability confirmed for March

ASUS has offered an official unveil for the Chromebox. Or more specifically, as there will be three models available, the Chromebox lineup. This Chrome OS box will be available beginning in March and with a starting price point of $179. The specs will be similar across the lineup, with the main difference being in the processor.

ASUS tipped to enter wearable space with a smartwatch

It is beginning to look like ASUS will be joining the wearable space sometime later in 2014. ASUS has yet to make a formal announcement, however recent details coming out of Taiwan included a mention of the first ASUS wearable arriving as a smartwatch. For now the timeline points towards mid-2014, however there has been comments direct from Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih.