ASUS tipped to enter wearable space with a smartwatch

It is beginning to look like ASUS will be joining the wearable space sometime later in 2014. ASUS has yet to make a formal announcement, however recent details coming out of Taiwan included a mention of the first ASUS wearable arriving as a smartwatch. For now the timeline points towards mid-2014, however there has been comments direct from Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih.

ASUS teaser video for CES announcement hints at a dual-booting Cyanogen device

“Green or Blue? One or Two?” are the questions ASUS is asking. The video, seen below, is a teaser for their CES announcement, in which they want to know our preference. Green… or blue? Some are speculating it will be a color option, perhaps even switchable plates. Other think it’s going to be a dual-booting Windows device. We think it’s a lot more Android than that.

ASUS PadFone X spotted in AnTuTu

It seems that ASUS is rather serious about pushing it PadFone line to the forefront. Not only has it just unveiled the ASUS PadFone Mini, it seems that the company already has one or two other PadFone devices already in the pipeline, with an ominous-sounding PadFone X being the latest leak.